Legendary Rick Ross Partners With HighKey Clout for Tesla Giveaway


It is certainly a busy time in the life of American rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross. Just last March, Ross dropped the 11th album of his career entitled Richer Than I’ve Ever Been. And just like the theme of his newest album, Rick Ross proves that he is indeed more affluent than he has ever been before. A few months back, Ross entered into a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey by investing $1 million into a Florida-based telemedicine startup called Jetdoc. Ross tells Forbes that this has been a significant investment for him since he’s been living a healthier life.

But apart from his latest investment, Rick Ross decided to once again team up with celebrity management company HighKey Clout for one of their latest celebrity giveaways this June.

HighKey Clout: Boosting Clout With Instagram Giveaways

As a celebrity management company, HighKey Clout is one of the first firms that has executed and mastered celebrity influencer giveaways to increase clout. Brothers Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz started this business in 2016, when Instagram rose to prominence as an influencer platform. HighKey Clout was founded right after the success of the Lintz brothers’ first marketing company, HighKey Agency.

For Jordan and his brothers, what makes HighKey Clout stand out from other marketing agencies is their mastery and integrity in the celebrity prize giveaways. First, celebrity influencers partner with HighKey Clout to promote the giveaway with multiple posts on Instagram through their main feed, live, or story. HighKey then sells a spot on their elite following list on Instagram for the duration of the campaign.

Joining the giveaways is easy. During the campaign, one just needs to follow HighKey, HighKey’s celebrity partner, and everyone that @highkeyclout is following. That’s basically it.

Luke Lintz says that this model is beneficial to everyone involved in each and every single one of their giveaways. For clients, this is an effective way to gain thousands of followers in a few weeks, which boosts their online presence, reputation, and credibility. This also attracts prospective customers and lets customers know about their business. At the same time, influencer sponsors gain value through getting paid by HighKey for every successful campaign. And, of course, followers receive a lot of value because they have a chance at winning incredible prizes with virtually zero risk.

Another Explosive Giveaway 

Through the years, HighKey Clout has given away over $350,000 in cash. That’s on top of the several high-end tech, like iPhones and PS5s. This time around, Rick Ross and HighKey Clout’s follower Zechariah Vanzo won a top-of-the-line Tesla just by diligently following everyone HighKey was following during the campaign period that launched on June 13th, 2021.

If you want to win just like Zechariah, don’t miss another amazing giveaway from HighKey Clout by following @highkeyclout on social media. Remember, another giveaway is always just around the corner.

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