The most exciting day of my life; The cornerstone of a change in the life of the famous Iranian dermatologist Dr. Amir Feily


it was the last year of high school, and I had a month left until the national entrance exam for university. My room lacked an air conditioner, and it was boiling. I put a small desk in front of me, and I sat on the floor to study for the entrance exam.

Due to the high temperature, I set a fan in front of me, which was blowing directly to my face, and it had a very terrible sound. The edge of its blade was hitting the fan body, and it was making a loud sound (Jir Jir Jir Jir Jir). However, the good thing was that the noise was flat. The other interesting thing was that this sound was so loud that I wasn’t hearing the noises outside the room and the family chatting or the TV sounds.

So, in the last month, I studied 15 hours a day. I had started a few months before and have studied ten hours a day, which increased to 15 hours a day in the last month. It was a lot of pressure on me, and one night due to a nightmare I woke up and started shouting, and the family was astonished.

I kept saying that “whatever I do, I will not be solved in this formula … I do not know what to do …. Tell them to solve in this formula”. Anyway, besides the difficulties, the time passed and it was the day to take that crucial exam.

I remember that I forget to check the questions on the last page, I lost three chemistry questions, but still, I took the exam well enough, and I came out satisfied. Generally, everyone thought that they had taken the exam adequately, and each moment will be stressful until the announcement of the results.

Eventually, it was the day when results were announced. At that time, since the early morning, everyone gathered at the Zand intersection near the first kiosk where the newspapers were supposed to be delivered in Shiraz and we waited there for the newspaper, and sometimes it took until the evening for the first newspaper to be distributed.

Then, I was there from the early morning, and by about 3 p.m., when people accessed the first newspaper. Everyone rushed to the kiosk. Their number was about 2000 people and it was an exciting view. About 50 to 60 copies of the newspaper were distributed by the kiosk, and I reached out to one who had the newspaper in his hand.

I asked, “May I check part (f)?” He said “no problem”. Then I found the letter (F) and started reading the names by putting the newspaper on the hood of a car … Faizi … Faizi … Faizi …. Feily… Amir … Hooray …. Hooray … I was accepted as a physician.

I shouted Hora; I was accepted as a physician. “Sir, can I cut this part from the newspaper?” That man looked strangely at me and said “Cut it? It’s not possible” I was embarrassed but I was so happy that his words had no bad effect on me. I said OKAY, thanks for letting me check the names, and then I left. I was walking on the moon and forgot about the newspaper, and I went directly home.

The family, who had noticed my delay since the morning, thought that maybe I had not accepted, and I was ashamed to face them. I saw my father’s car on my way and started shouting “I am accepted as a physician. I was accepted as a physician”. Dad hugged me and was hooting the horn and shouting out “my son accepted as a physician”.

Subsequently, I came home and the whole family, happily poured on me, I was crushed under everyone’s hands and feet. In all, that day was the best day of my life that was a turning point of my life and became the cornerstone of my education. It was the starting for me to be a doctor. I will never forget that day.

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