How To Easily Find The best Hotel Deals


In the hotel industry, there are always ways to get discounts and perks that aren’t heavily marketed. With this in mind, many new strategies have popped up over the last few years for you to research with an eye toward scoring your favorite hotels at a cheaper price. Follow these rules and I guarantee you’ll snag a great room at discounted rates.

Become A Hotel Regular And Use The App

You might think that hotels treat all people equally. This is not the case, as they are looking for repeat customers and will do what it takes to make them happy so they come back in the future. For example, you can still call a hotel directly over the phone or even register with their app if one exists (which major chains like Hyatt have). While this helps somewhat there’s an extra step you could take: get rewards points! You’ll collect these while booking your room from mobile devices via apps such as Hilton Honors which allows its users to accumulate enough points toward staying at other locations without having to pay much more than usual rates initially – who doesn’t want some free things?

And you get to choose your own hotel room from the available selections ahead of time, which means no more fighting for a better room than what’s left at reception. Members also enjoy bonuses like late checkout and discounts on rooms in order to make their stay even nicer!

Booking Rooms At The Last Moment

Booking a last minute get away, you might even be able to score a luxury hotel room at an unbelievably low rate. It’s worth looking up and seeing if your desired destination is still accommodating guests for when you plan on traveling!

 Not Fond Of Last Minute Planning? Set Up Hotel Alerts

Websites like,, and Kayak are some of the most helpful websites in determining which hotel to stay at while on vacation! With these sites, you can sign up for alerts when prices drop (and even submit a bid), all with just one click!

Secret Rooms

If you want to stay in a luxurious hotel for cheap, is the place to do it! They offer Secret Prices which are steep discounts on rooms that hotels have available and they give them away at discounted rates exclusively through their membership program!

Consider Business Hotels

Who says you need to plan your holiday getaway at a resort? Hotels in major metropolitan areas cater more towards business individuals and list discounted hotel rates on weekends. They often have great amenities even if you’re not attending any conferences, making them perfect for those who want the luxury of staying outside their hometown while still saving money. Meanwhile, vacation-oriented hotels offer better deals during mid-week days because they know that people are looking forward to this time off from work or school; it’s important once again though that these travelers make sure to book accordingly depending on when they will be traveling so as not miss out!

Free Room Upgrades

A free hotel room upgrade is by no means guaranteed, but it’s also more attainable than you might think. There are a few solid rules to working your way toward an impromptu upgrade: Check-in at the end of the day or in the evening when staff have had time for reviewing rooms and can therefore better assess what’s available. If they’re full, ask about any promotional deals that may be going on (don’t forget this step!). Be as friendly with front desk staff as possible; politely inquire if there happen to be any deals currently running which would preemptively put them into a nicer place without costing anything extra.

The best hotel deals are often found by taking advantage of last-minute booking. Websites like,, and Kayak offer alerts when prices drop (and even submit a bid), all with just one click! This is an excellent way to find the perfect place for your vacation without paying full price upfront. If this tactic doesn’t work out for you though, don’t give up hope – there’s always free room upgrades or secret rates that may be available depending on where you’re traveling in order to still enjoy luxury accommodations at a discount rate. Never underestimate how much power being friendly can have either – it never hurts to try asking about any current promotions they might be running before settling into another more costly room!


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