God says in Quran: Whoever brings virtue shall receive ten times its like; a real memories of the life of Iranian dermatologist Dr. Amir Feily


It was night before residential exam and I knew I probably would not sleep until the morning because of the stress (I had all this experience before). Our exam was in Ahvaz city and my friend Gholam and I had been there for three days and were reviewing lessons. On the night before of the exam, when we decided to sleep my stress had multiplied. we said goodnight and slept on the floor together. Gholam started to snort quickly , but I could not sleep because of the stress. I thought I should take antihistamine syrup. Maybe I will fall asleep. Gholam woke up by the time I got up from the bed. He jumped, said Amir, did you not sleep? I said no, I will not sleep and I will ruin my exam tomorrow. He said: What can I do to make you sleepy? I said inject me with diazepam, he said: Amir Diazepam is so strong, you will sleep tomorrow, I said: It does not matter, If I do not sleep, I will ruin my exam in the morning too. In short, at my insistence, he injected ten miles of diazepam into my vein and I fell asleep. It was morning and I woke up.

I saw Gholam sitting next to me because my breath might not be interrupted by diazepam. I said: Gholam, did you not sleep?He said no, brother, I was afraid you would not be able to breath because of diazepam. In short, I was sleepy from diazepam and Gholam from excessive insomnia, we went to the exam, I was refreshed from excessive stress and passed my exam well, but unfortunately Gholam fell asleep at the exam and skipped one of the tests and failed all the rest of the tests.

In short, from that time on, I cried every day and told Gholam it was all my fault that you got a bad mark in your exam. Gholam all replied: “Brother, I use to go to conscription but you did not. If one of us is to be accepted, it would be better for you. Next year I will be accepted, in short, I shed tears every day when I was alone and I really had a guilty conscience. The day of choosing the field of speciality in according to the marks arraived, Gholam loved the internal medicine and I loved dermatology. I took the selection sheets and took them home. Gholam said, “My mark is not good I will not accept. I will not choose the feild, my brother”. This is what he said and went to sleep. I chose the fields with tears in my eyes. Deramtology for myself and then I took Gholam selection sheet and asked God to remove this torment from my shoulders. I chose internal medicine course of Tehran university first and the rest of the internal medicine courses followed and posted the sheets. God knows what I endured until the announcement of the result. Results were announced, and it is evident that God does not leave any good deed unanswered. Can you believe it? I was accepted as a dermatology and Gholam the first choice internal medicine of Tehran university. I do not know what happened and how God rewarded his manhood and removed the burden of guilty conscience from my shoulders.

I will never forget the day I informed Gholam the result of acceptance. Yes, my friend and brother, Gholam is a gastroenterologist today and I am proud of his happy existence and I will never forget his manhood.

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