10 Ways Of Creating Intimacy In Your Relationship


Trust in any relationship is a product of meaningful dialogue founded on open communication, irrespective of the circumstances. After fostering trust, you also need to focus on establishing intimacy with your spouse. Below are some tips we received after a discussion with ToyMadonna on how to create intimacy in an old or new relationship.

  1. Balance Challenge And Support

Identify and gravitate towards the best qualities in each other. People can be angry, lazy, scared, or vindictive, but these attributes can limit their association with others. They need not overrun how they interact with people but be considered indicators of a need to be better and bring out the best of you that others can cherish. Therefore, they can be a challenge and a sign of areas to support each other to improve.

  1. Show Gratitude

Being grateful for your partner’s considerate acts, what they do or say, can help solidify your relationship. If you are happy with your spouse, you will strive to notice even the smallest opportunities to say thanks and not major in mistakes and misgivings.

  1. Test The Waters Before Diving In

Are you longing for more open and deeper communication with your spouse? If so, then focus on advancing self-awareness, listening more, and being less judgmental. Speak out but also watch your tongue. Test the waters to ensure it is safe to show your vulnerabilities as you open up about personal stories, fears, desires, and life ambitions. It gets easier with time.


  1. More Sensuality With Less Sexuality

Sleeping in your’ birthday suit’ promotes more skin-to-skin contact, an effective shortcut to being intimate with your partner. And things are more intense when you cuddle naked. Bathing together, massaging, and feeding each other are also fun and great ways of showing intimacy.

Rest on each other chests from time to time, listening to each other’s heartbeat. Share random hugs, or even dance when cooking. They are activities that can even help repopulate the depleted eroticism and bolster the desire for one another.

  1. Be Playful

Plan for play dates and let them be sessions geared towards having uninhibited fun. Therefore, exclude any talk of work or serious conversations. Instead, be spontaneous and let loose, and you give into your playful sex side. You guys need not keep a scorecard; have fun since there is no wrong or right way of having mind-blowing sex.

  1. Embrace Your Entitlement

With desire comes a certain level of entitlement, a feeling of being deserving of your partner’s affections. It is best not to be shy in this regard lest you find it hard to focus on your partner’s needs, putting yourself first. Therefore, try and identify what about the things that drive your desires make you feel awesome.

  1. Less Phone Time

The less time people spend on the phone and turn their attention to each other, the more they get to rediscover their intimacy. Today’s mobile devices allow us to access emails, schedule meetings, and interact on social media; it is easy for you to get lost in the moment as you do one thing and the next on your phone. But it also is wise to know when to put down the device. For instance, you can agree on not using the phones in bed. Spend less time on your phone snooping on other people’s relationships and focus on yours.

  1. Stay Connect With You

Often people are afraid of saying no to others because they do not want to let them down. However, it is good to say no to some things. Strive to look at yourself before turning to others. If self-desire is depleted, then it is hard for you to desire your partner. Eroticism thrives best in the space between self and others.

  1. What Turns You On?

Part of the open communication with your partners should include talking about what you want to try in bed. Say what pleases you and be open to explore without worrying if it is abnormal or weird. Remember, undiscovered sexual pleasures are limited by having boundaries that define right and wrong during sex. Go for it and have fun as long as it is consensual.

  1. More Eye Contact

Look into each other’s eyes, gazing into your souls. It is a means of knowing if you are comfortable in your skin, enough to share an intimate moment with another’s. Those long gazes into another’s eyes leave them feeling vulnerable, but it also is an intense means of connecting with the person in a nonphysical way. However, it is centered on having an intense presence that requires courage. It is an act that shows how much you trust and are invested in your partner.


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