How Do Private Investigators Catch Cheaters?

private investigator

Convinced that your partner is cheating but don’t have the evidence to prove it? Maybe it’s time you hired a private investigator (PI).

Private investigators in Sydney and many other professionals around the globe are experts in providing the proof you need to confirm your partner’s infidelity. They are professionals that are experienced and trained in the use of surveillance techniques that help gather evidence of infidelity.

And if you have concerns about hiring a PI or the investigative methods they use, this article seeks to put your mind at rest.

Here’s an informative look at the innovative methods used by private investigators to acquire proof of cheating

1.     Background Checks

A PI will do a comprehensive background check on your partner and the person they may be cheating with. This involves doing a check on their career, associates, travel plans, social media activity, and assets.

In addition to providing crucial information, background checks using people search free tools can reveal red flags such as a history of cheating, secret families, a criminal record, or other suspicious activities.

2.     Surveillance

Surveillance is the close and detailed observation of a person, location, or object to gather facts that can be used to build an infidelity case.

Surveillance can take many forms, including:

Mobile surveillance– Mobile or physical surveillance involves tracking a person’s movements either by foot or using a car without being detected. It also involves taking photographic or video evidence

Interview surveillance– This approach involves interviewing the suspect or their friends, coworkers, and witnesses

Online surveillance– Also referred to as digital surveillance, it includes monitoring your partner’s online activities. For instance, it would include monitoring the person’s social media activity and any other available online activity

Electronic surveillance– This is the use of electronic devices to monitor a person’s activities. For instance, electronic surveillance can help track a suspect’s phone calls, emails or social media activity

Tracking– This is another surveillance technique used to follow a person’s vehicle to track their movements. PIs often use GPS tracking devices to track a person’s vehicle 24/7 and keep tabs on the person’s movements, even when they can’t monitor them in person.

Static surveillance– Static surveillance is where a PI monitors a place of interest, such as a house, a car park, a hotel, or a company building, to gather evidence. In infidelity cases, this surveillance technique is useful if you suspect your partner may be using or visiting a given location to conduct their affair

3.     Bugs

Spyware or bugs is another investigation technique used to catch cheaters. Bugs help monitor a person’s activities and can be installed on a person’s smartphone, home, or PC.

Notably, this method isn’t accepted in some states, so a PI must ensure they’re within legal rights to bug a target. If you obtain evidence through bugging in a state where the use of bugs is illegal, then the evidence won’t be considered in court.

4.     Honey-Trapping

Honey-trapping is an investigative method often used to test the loyalty of a partner. A PI will often pay an attractive woman or man to flirt with the partner in question to determine if the partner flirts back.

There are certain rules of engagement in honey trapping. For instance, the decoy shouldn’t approach the target if they’re intoxicated, nor are they supposed to push too aggressively. Physical contact is also not allowed.

Honey trapping is used not only in married couples but can also be used by a partner who wants to decide if they should move forward with an engagement, relationship or marriage.

5.     Device Cloning

This technique involves cloning digital devices such as phones and hard drives. This helps gain access to digital data even when the information has been deleted.

In infidelity cases, text and email messages can provide confidential information that is relevant to such cases.


In closing, a PI has many methods of collecting evidence when it comes to a cheating partner. The good news is that such evidence is irrefutable in court which can help you receive the justice you deserve.

Hiring a PI is no small decision, so when looking for one, ensure you choose a reputable firm with the experience to conduct a thorough investigation.


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