Taking over the world of art and business as a true blue professional and entrepreneur is Behnood Javaherpour


Of all the things that have attracted and hold on to the attention of people around the world, the rise and emergence of passionate and driven entrepreneurs have gone ahead in making the most headlines. This is truly a great sight to behold, looking at the resilience and the never-giving-up attitude on which a few entrepreneurs have thrived over the years in their respective journeys. Behnood Javaherpour’s journey is one that needs more spotlight, as he has proved his mettle as one of the top-notch multipreneurs of the world, who started everything from scratch for his love for art and fashion and went ahead in creating his unique niche in the same, starting his robust brands like Behnoode Foundation (art museum) and Behnoode (clothing line).

Apart from being the ace fashion designer, Behnood Javaherpour also jumped deeper into art, horses and property. He also has taken the responsibility of working as a Chief Executive for nine companies. Yes, you heard that right! We don’t lie when we say that Behnood Javaherpour has totally surrendered himself to the world of fashion, art and business.

If this wasn’t enough, the 35-year-old multipreneur, art curator and researcher also made sure to give back to people through his philanthropy work. Hence, last year, he donated 100% of the profits he earned from his new collection to the many underprivileged children in Nepal. The Dubai-based entrepreneur, who grew up between Iran and Italy, right from the naive age of 15, was into the world of business to start something of his own, something that could help him lead towards his definition of success. Hence, he began as a fabric broker, trading fabrics from Italy to Iran and then across the UAE.

Even after facing various challenges, Behnood Javaherpour was determined in his quest to achieve success through his endeavours in art and fashion, which ultimately made him the multipreneur he is today. Achieving so much at 35 and still making sure he learns something new each day to implement the same in his businesses for their better growth and progress proves the kind of extraordinary entrepreneur that he is.

After achieving staggering success with his brands, Behnood Javaherpour has become more determined to do something for underprivileged countries and is currently building a school in Nepal and an academy in Kashan, Iran, to give young adults a better future by making them skilled and knowledgeable in the art of loom design and weaving.

Do connect with him through Instagram @behnoodjavaherpour to know more.

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