Northwest Fire Region July 1, 2021 – Wildfire Update

Wildfire Update

Thunder Bay – Wildfire Update – At the time of this update there are 44 active fires in the region. A total of 13 fires are not under control, seven fires are being held, 14 fires are under control and 10 fires are being observed.

  • Six new fires were discovered in the northwest region by the late afternoon of July 1.
  • Thunder Bay 56 was located near Flower Lake, approximately 71 kilometres west of Thunder Bay. The fire has been called out at 0.1 hectares.
  • Dryden 53 is located on an island on Wapageisi Lake, approximately 61 kilometres southeast of Dryden. The 0.6 hectare fire is not under control.
  • Sioux Lookout 31 is located on Bough Lake, approximately 26 kilometres west/southwest of Pickle Lake. The 0.1 hectare fire is not under control.
  • Sioux Lookout 32 is located west of De Lesseps Lake, approximately 114 kilometres northeast of Sioux Lookout. The 1.0 hectare fire is not under control.
  • Sioux Lookout 33 is located near the southern tip of Lake of Bays, approximately 40 kilometres east/southeast of Sioux Lookout. The 0.1 hectare fire is not under control.
  • Thunder Bay 57 is located west of Collins Lake, approximately 29 kilometres west of Armstrong. The 0.2 hectare fire is not under control.
  • Several additional fires were discovered in the evening hours of June 30, following the previous update.
    • Fort Frances 52 is located near the western shore Marmion Lake, approximately 26 kilometres north of Atikokan. The fire is being held at 0.2 hectares.
    • Red Lake 53 is located near Longlegged Lake, approximately 30 kilometres southwest of Red Lake. The fire is under control at 0.2 hectares.
    • Kenora 61 is located near Lester Lake, approximately 13 kilometres east of Kenora. The 0.1 hectare fire is now out.
    • Red Lake 54 is located north of Bruce Lake, approximately 36 kilometres southeast of Red Lake. The 0.3 hectare fire is now out.
  • The wildland fire hazard is presently high to extreme in the Kenora, Red Lake, Fort Frances, Dryden and Sioux Lookout sectors. Hazard conditions in the Thunder Bay and Nipigon sectors are predominantly moderate with isolated areas of both high and low hazard.

Fires of Note

  • Fort Frances 47
  • Located approximately three kilometres northwest of the community of Naicatchewenin First Nation, also known as Northwest Bay.
  • Fire remains not under control at a size at 407 hectares.
  • Fire behaviour was relatively low yesterday giving crews a chance to make progress on the fire’s suppression.
  • A total of 22 crews and four helicopters are working inward from the perimeter of the fire, extinguishing hot spots.
  • Kenora 51
  • Located approximately 100 kilometres north / northwest of the City of Kenora.
  • Fire is not under control.
  • Fire has been active over the past several days producing smoke at the local level.
  • Fire is approximately 11,335 hectares with crews committed to suppression.

Restricted Fire Zone declared in areas of the Northwest Region 

Due to the high to extreme forest fire hazard, the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry has implemented a Restricted Fire Zone in the Kenora, Fort Frances and Dryden Districts, and southern portions of Sioux Lookout and Red Lake Districts.  The Restricted Fire Zone will be in effect until further notice. Outdoor fires are banned. Portable gas stoves may still be used BUT must be handled with extreme care.  You can learn more about Restricted Fire Zones here. For a more detailed boundary of the Restricted Fire Zone, consult the interactive fire map at  

Restrictions due to forest fire activity in the Fort Frances District
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Fort Frances District, is advising the public that due to extreme forest fire activity from the Fort Frances 47 fire, an Implementation Order is now in effect until further notice that restricts access and use of certain roads and Crown lands.

All travel, use and access to the following areas are prohibited unless authorized by a travel permit issued by the Fort Frances District Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

This includes all travel on Northwest Bay Road outside of Naicatchewenin First Nation, including West Spencer Road, Woody Road, Alex Road, and Kaiarskon South Road. Also including Charles Road south of the kilometre marker 24 and all branch roads associated with the previously identified road networks.

All use or occupation of Crown lands, on or within 500 metres of the identified roads, is prohibited.

For information on how to obtain a travel permit please call 807-271-0216.

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