The 3 Best Designs for your New Office

Office Start up

As the world returns to work, many of us are left high and dry, without even an office to call our own.

This problem has been felt across the known working world, as more and more office workers seek to return to a place of business that’s just not there anymore.

Let’s face it, with the slimming down caused by Covid-19, one of the first things to go was the traditional office. Now that we are all returning to work, employers everywhere are rushing to replace what was closed for Coronavirus.

With this in mind, the osDoro experts have been designing offices fit for kings, queens, and any manner of sales teams. Let’s talk about designs – and what will work best for your new building.

3 Office Designs Suited for 2021

To get started, browse through these inspirational office ideas, and see what works for you.

1 – The Hot Desk Office

If you like things to be corporate and smart, hot-desking has long since been a favorite tactic. However, it can lead to plain booths and a lack of joy in the workplace. If you want to stay smart but add an air of personality to the office, a hot desk between plenty of plants.

Research has shown that plants boost both productivity and the morale of your staff. Not only that but any visiting executives will be pleasantly surprised by the fresh, breezy feeling in your office.

2 – Private Office Spaces

Private office spaces can either go two ways. You can be chic and modern, or old-fashioned and sumptuous. Think of the difference between how you imagine Elon Musk’s office to be and one that springs to mind when you think of cigar smoke and old oak.

Use as much light as you can, create a single focal point of the desk, and add no more than two bookcases for best results. Again, use plants, and only place books on shelves if they are relevant and modern. A few paintings always perform well but steer clear of posters with motivational phrases. Escher artwork always looks good and gives visitors something to think about.

3 – The Fun Office

There is a rumor that Google HQ is one of the most fun places to work on the planet. Why? Because they made it fun, intentionally. There is no hard-and-fast rule to say that working should be boring, or that offices should all be painted grey.

For a fun office, add splashes of color and steer clear of dull equipment. Avoid branding everything, introduce fidget toys, and create a few special features that capture the imagination. A photo wall of the staff in the break room, a basketball hoop in the cloakroom, or other small gestures will make work fun.

Rounding Up

How you decorate your office should reflect your brand persona, rather than your corporate goals. If we all designed our offices that way, there would be many more slides emerging from the sides of buildings and much less sick time spent with work-induced mental health problems.

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