How Important is a Singapore Company Secretary for your Business and Company? Piloto Asia’s Professional Consultants Explain


    Businesses in Singapore are having many growth opportunities to flourish effectively. For business professionals, it is not easy to manage business administration, marketing, and other statutory tasks on their own.

    Piloto Asia’s professional consultants explain it is important for businesses and companies to hire a Singapore company secretary to fulfill their statutory duties on time. Failure to do statutory duties as per the Singapore company law leads to strict penalties for businesses.

    Piloto Asia is offering expert corporate secretarial services to help businesses in Singapore. They can either choose a foreign package or a local package to fulfill their legal needs effectively.

    Raymond Chan is one of the co-founders and VP of Piloto Asia who stresses the need to have the right Singapore company secretary service for a business or company. In his view, hiring the right Singapore company secretary service can help a business eliminate the burden of legal matters.

    The Singapore Companies Act has made it mandatory for every business or company to appoint a qualified secretary within six months of incorporation of a company in Singapore. And while choosing one, every business or company in Singapore must do an exhaustive research on this subject.

    Professional consultants at Piloto Asia explain a company secretary service has many roles and responsibilities to perform. Managing compliance filing, maintaining the company’s statutory registers, establishing corporate governance are some major duties on this subject.

    Opting for the right Singapore company secretary service helps an organization navigate through legal and compliance issues. A company secretary service expert has wide experience in understanding business legalities to improve the business efficacy of an organization.

    A Company secretary service in Singapore can help businesses fulfill their legal, business, operational, and financial duties effectively. It is important for running business processes effectively. Therefore, a business owner in Singapore must perform a deep research to find a personalized company secretary service.

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