Finding Motivation When Times Get Tough by Ian Prukner


    Ian Prukner, a serial entrepreneur, who owns successful companies in different industries, including a financial firm that operates with over a thousand agents, learned through his experiences that “Life pays you for results not degrees”. Prukner has been seen  hosting live and virtual events with thousands of attendees and transforming the lives of many. He is passionate about helping others achieve financial independence and obtain massive success in their careers as personal lives.


    “During the recession in 2006, I was a pastor in Rochester, Michigan. Since I was only earning $30k a year, I worked two other jobs to supplement my income. The church ended up cutting wages by 10% in the summer of 2006, forcing me to search for another source of income. I was faced with hardships that almost forced me to quit, but I knew I couldn’t give up on my dream of becoming my own boss, so I decided to simply step out and look for alternative methods to generating more income. Thankfully, I found an opportunity in the financial services industry, which was one of the best things that ever happened  for me,” says Prukner.


    Since then, Prukner has created one of the largest financial services marketing organizations in the country. He has taken the principles of success he learned and has leveraged them into the intellectual property space, e commerce, real estate investing and in 2019  became  a published author. . Prukner believes we should all focus on finding true success. He says “You could be doing big things if you weren’t so busy doing small things.” Ian emphasizes the need  for people to develop a vision for their life, so they can achieve a successful  and fulfilling life. He spends his time motivating others and helping them to  make  the changes that will help them overcome challenges they are facing to obtain breakthrough results in their life. Ian has the pleasure of personally coaching and mentoring others on how to become successful, both personally and professionally.


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