How Instagram Turned Fashion Icon Liz Korn to a Superstar


    Liz Korn has become a superstar in her own right becoming extremely popular and successful in the fashion industry. Liz Korn is an Instagram superstar because she is the most stylish, and attractive business woman that knows a lot about fashion. Instagram followers made Liz Korn a superstar because she has a great passion for her retailing business Pure Atlanta. She runs her retailing business online and offline. Liz Pure has a large amount of followers on her Instagram account with engaging content. Liz Pure is an entrepreneur, equalitarian, and trap-music enthusiast.

    Liz Korn has a strong relationship with celebrities, NFL players, and NBA players. Celebrities have shown great interest in Liz Korn’s products and only shop at Pure Atlanta because Pure’s products are unique and comfortable. Celebrities not only shop at Pure Atlanta but also post good comments on their Instagram accounts. Celebrities also advertise Liz Korn’s products without any paid promotion that helps to increase her followers. Liz Korn believes in editorial advertising. Liz Korn has produced great accomplishments in her professional life. That’s how Instagram made Liz Korn a superstar because of her remarkable success in the industry.

    Liz Korn is mature, attractive, and the top fashionable organizer of the Pure Atlanta retailing business. She is also recognized by the name of Lizzie Pure on Instagram. Lizzie Pure has always shared extraordinary events with customers in the Pure Atlanta retailing business. She learned from Florida State University and then studied her MBA from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. When she was16 years old, she got her first job on the Gap Store floor in which she folded the T-shirts.

    Lizzie Pure is not only a businesswoman, but she’s also shedding light on hip-hop culture as her Pure Atlanta store has grown dramatically in recent years. Every product at Pure Atlanta is selected by Liz Korn. She builds every product so beautifully and amazingly that not only for general people but celebrities as well buy her clothing. Celebrities dont just buy her stylish items but also post her and her products on their Instagram accounts after making a purchase. Celebrities like her products and write remarkable comments on Lizzie Pure’s Instagram account.

    Liz Korn not only manages her retailing business confidently but also manages her Instagram account so perfectly that she gained thousands of followers. She made herself a Instagram superstar by following these tips:

    • uses her profile photo rather than a business logo.
    • knows what her followers want to see on the post.
    • keeps her Instagram bio up-to-date all time.
    • plans for her future post.
    • makes her products so stylish and unique that celebrities also follow her, celebrities help to increase followers.
    • she engages with her followers.


    Liz Korn says that “Pure is redefining luxury boutique retail and the relationship that consumers have with luxury fashion.” On her website “”, there are over 1,000 different celebrities. Celebrities only shop at Pure because of luxury products and customer service. They have traveled throughout the world and see the best, but they still prefer to shop at Liz Korn’s stores because her items are authentic and deliver better customer service. That’s how Instagram made Liz Korn a superstar because of her remarkable success in the industry. Her consistent hard work is now paying off.

    Instagram superstar Liz Korn has great success in her retailing business. She is focusing to create more designing products. She is very passionate about her business. We also wish for her successful business.

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