How to Speak in Public like a Pro – DJL Dato Jonathan Lim

Jonathan Lim

Motivational speaker, trainer, and public marketing whizz-kid DJL shares some of the secrets that have made him famous.

Dato Jonathan Lim has a string of achievements behind his name. He has received the Malaysian Book of Achievement awards several times for his speeches, business acumen, and innovation. By age 32, his portfolio was worth over 10 million, all from shrewd investments and motivational talks.

We caught up with this busy career man to ask him what tips he could give us about public speaking. Here is the advice DJL Jonathan Lim had for us about speaking to crowds.

DJL Jonathan Lim’s Personal Experience of Public Talks

DJL has plenty of experience in this area. He started over a decade ago as an entrepreneur in online trading before switching to IT at 26. He has kickstarted multiple successful companies, from Industrial Investment to Property Development, but has most recently strayed into motivational and public speaking realms.

A millionaire with promise, this business coach and lecturer regularly speaks to crowds of thousands. Let’s see what he has to say about us following in his footsteps.

Public Speaking Tips from an Expert

DJL Jonathan Lim makes public speaking look easy. You can glance through his YouTube channel to see how relaxed he is or catch up with him on Facebook for more tips.

1 – Tell a Story

When giving a speech, incorporate a personal story early on to set both you and your audience at ease. Personal stories have a habit of relaxing us. When telling a personal level, we can’t help but let our personality shine through. Letting our personality show through our speech is critical to winning over any audience, so telling a personal tale can break that ice.

2 – Eyes Up

Eye engagement is a vital practice that you should focus on learning if you want to be a public speaker. Looking people in the eye as you relate your personal story, or give statistics that shock people, or want to punctuate the depth of a sentence – all will connect you to your audience. DJL Jonathan Lim goes as far as to advise people that catching the eye of the audience can make or break your speech.

A professional tip for eye engagement is to sweep your eyes over the audience. Don’t stare at one person in particular. This sweeping glance will keep the shyness at bay while still accomplishing what you need it to do.

3 – Laugh a Little

Say your notes get muddled up, or you drop your microphone, or you trip on the stage. For some, these are moments to inspire dread and embarrassment mid-speech. Instead, laugh it off and go with the flow. If you drop a cue card, just pick it up and laugh. If your trip, get back up and laugh. Anything goes wrong that isn’t 100% serious? Just laugh it off. The audience will laugh with you, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Rounding Up on Public speaking

If you follow these three simple tips, you won’t have to imagine anyone naked to make it easier on yourself. As a final thought, keep in mind that everyone is nervous when they do a speech. The question isn’t about not being anxious; it’s about winging it so you can convince others that you’re not.

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