Masitrades: An Absolute Inspiration

Masi Habibi
Masi Habibi

Masi Habibi, as known as Masi rades to her students, was always aware about the stock market. When she was graduating from her college that was the time trading piqued her interest. She believes with applications like Acorns and Robinhood the stock market became more open to individuals.

She began her research by watching YouTube videos, reading books and was also successful in discovering about the money that is being made simply by dry trading.


It can be put under the category of educational service which provides people with the resources they need to understand the fundamentals of the stock market.


She is of the view that if anyone is building a business, devotion of a significant amount of time and efforts are of very paramount importance.

She also asks people to organize their business and take care of minor details which are often ignored and can damage company in the long run.

She gets inspired by the fact that money could be made on her device and suitable to her time. Masi believes that ‘trade and finance’ worlds are overwhelmingly dominated by men and that inspired her to go for trading as to smash the stereotypes.


She claims that discipline has a strong correlation with how good you become. When you start your own company, friends and family members will begin to doubt you, thus, trusting in yourself and the vision you have developed is critical.

‘Fear and Success’ means different to Masi. Being trapped in a situation for a longer period of time constitutes her fear, while having a happy and stable family along with being able to assist others in their growth entails success to her.

To her, it’s not about chasing money but rather about what money will get her in exchange. She insists that time is the most valuable resource that one can possess.

It is, however, worth seeing that Masi is looking forward to having a group of prosperous traders in our community in the near future.

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