Sufyan Cultrera: A Self-Made Entrepreneur and Social Media Personality

Sufyan Cultrera
Sufyan Cultrera

Sufyan Cultrera a 32 years old ambitious man who is half Italian Half Moroccan set an example for those struggling but aspire to fly high. He spent tough time in the dangerous streets of his hometown Casablanca, Morocco. But he moved to Austria at the age of 6 and later shifted to Germany at the age of 11. This sudden change of habitat can always be difficult for a child like him to adjust but he did change himself accordingly.

He believed that education can work wonders for the improvement in his life. So, he took his studies seriously, learned different languages and also became fluent in 5 languages – German, Arabic, Italian, French and English. He studied for half a year in Los Angeles but didn’t find the place suitable for him so he returned to Europe and did his graduation in Germany with Master in International Business & Management. As a college student he evolved as a professional fighter, participated in 32 international kickboxing fights and won 30, lost 2.

Sufyan became a successful manager of many professional MMA fighters with the fighter Mairbek Taisumov signed in the biggest organization UFC. Later, he joined the UFD Sports Management in Germany, one of the most successful fight sport management agencies in Europe, where he currently is the vice president. He has some celebrity customers such as Real Madrid star Karim Benzema, FC Barcelona legendary player Ronaldinho, current player Antoine Griezmann, Social Media star Amanda Cerny and many more. Moreover, he also has successful cooperation with some big brands like Mercedes, Nivea, Zara, Reebok, Airbnb and many luxury hotels such as St Regis, Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons Hotel, Hyatt, Marriott, Rixos.

Traveling to different parts of the world is often considered as exciting, and he frequently travels from USA, Dubai, Europe and Asia because of his work. Around 380k people follow him on his Instagram account (@sufyancult) where he posts about his travels and shares experiences of his luxurious lifestyle. He is inspiring many followers from Europe and USA with his dream lifestyle.

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