Asveda: Chyawanprash the immunity support keeping the body healthy and warm


Asveda is venture by Unjha Pharmacy which has been running for over 125 years. This is wellness based company with the idea of using Ayurveda Medicine as their core principle. Since health comes first and it is important to keep your immunity intact, Asveda came up years old ayurvedic medicinal mixture. Supporting the body with natural yet effective ingredients is the reason Asveda came up with immunity boosters for all season.

The company introduced few interesting products including the ‘Asveda Chyawanprash’ that can help in keeping the body and mind fresh for longer periods during the winter. This product is introduced so to make sure that this can consumed on a daily basis and is good for all ages including small children. Be it the regular cough and cold or the harmful germs attacking the body, this mixture helps in boosting the immunity of the body to fight against the germs. Chyawanprash has been consumed for ages to maintain digestion and keeping the nervous system intact. It is also consumed when one has to increase the amount of the new blood cells in the body.

The founder had high believe that Auyurveda medicine can help solve a lot of bodily issues through the natural process. From providing important vitamins to the required minerals, this product is the right choice for building the immunity system by keeping the external germs away. Asveda is a FSSAI ( Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) and FDCA (Food and Drug Controlling Authority) approved.

The Asveda Chyawanprash has combination of some amazing wellness ayurvedic ingredients including amla pulp (phyllanthus emblica), ashwagandha (withania somnifera), giloy (tinospora cordifolia), kesar oil (crocus sativus), pipla mota (piper longum), shatavari (asparagus racemosus), safed musli (chlorophytum borivilianum), ras sindoor, cardamom oil (elettaria cardamomum), ghee (purified butter), gud (raw jaggery), shahad (raw honey), bang bhasma, muktashukti bhasma, mandoor bhasma, roupya bhasma (argentum) and several herbal extracts.

It is also high in Amino acids and antioxidants, Vitamin C, alkaloids, lactones, digestive herb, aphrodisiac properties, Hypoglycemic, fulvic acid, calcined iron, zinc, selenium and many more such useful products that can help in keeping the body healthy naturally. All these products can help in multiple cases including boosting the immunity, metabolism, prevents viral, bacterial ailments, calm the brain, reduce swelling, lower blood pressure, promote relaxation, balance blood sugar levels and detoxes, improves skin, reduces aging, heals wounds, reduced PMS symptoms, enhanced weight loss, promotes digestion, carminative, relieving bloating, constipation, improves appetite and much more.

The tangy taste also makes it a go-to for people who loves unique flavor. Asveda Chyawanprash is 100% Vegetarian, No artificial sweetener, No Artificial flavor, No Artificial Sugar, No starch, Organic and absolutely Gluten Free. The product contains 100% Jaggery, sourced from local mills. At Asveda all their products have gold & silver bhasmas in it. The natural ingredients make the Chyawanprash naturally thick. This product is also made of natural preservative as Ghee because of which it comes with a 3 years expiry date from manufacturing. Asveda is true choice to keep the body warm and healthy through tough times.

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