How Invisible Bead Extensions Is Guiding Its Students Throughout Their Professional Careers


The difference between a standout business and the regular setup lies in three distinct factors; knowledge, desire and passion. When McKenzie Turley decided to set up her Hair Extensions Certification Program, she wasn’t simply looking to compete; her goal was to stand out and correct the ills in the industry. She had a knowledge of what was missing and needed to be done; she had the desire to make things better, and she certainly had a passion for beautifully installed hair extensions. With those three ingredients, Invisible Bead Extensions was born.

To take that knowledge to the ends of the earth, Turley introduced a certification program that is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. There are so many reasons why the IBE program is revolutionary. Apart from being a complete virtual experience, it is one program that is fully committed to the growth of its students. Stylists enrolled in the IBE Certification Program can be sure of efficient guidance all through the program and even beyond. Let’s take a look at the different stages and lessons.

Level 1- The Basics

This first stage exposes you to the rudiments of IBE using a mannequin for practice. You’ll learn everything about hair length and color, consultation, placement, beadwork, sectioning and foundation techniques, including the patented IBE stitching techniques. This is the preparatory stage for real life application and everything is taught through unique virtual education sessions.

Level 2- Stepping Up

Stylists then graduate from the first stage to this stage where practical application with actual humans are done using high-definition training modules. You’ll also be evaluated based on what you’re able to achieve on a single row before moving on to double row practicals. A mentor attached to you will also be on hand at this time to answer every question you may have.

Level 3- Get Certified

Putting everything you’ve learned in levels 1 and 2 into practice sets you up for what IBE calls the icing on the cake. Marketing the IBE method and a series of social media training are introduced and perfected at this stage, as well as getting clients for your services. Once completed, you’ll become a certified IBE stylist.

Post Certification Guidance

Here’s where IBE truly stands out. The extension industry is quite volatile. Although the training sets you up for success, it is not all there is. Turley and her team set up the IBE Boost App on Android and iOS that continues to provide support for certified stylists. With a team of experts, mentors, certified stylists and McKenzie Turley herself responding to questions you might have and providing the mentorship you need to succeed, there’s no better program out there.

Business Support

A stylist locator has also been created by Invisible Bead Extensions to help clients locate all its stylists wherever they may be. So, if you have been certified by IBE, you have more chances of getting found by clients who require the IBE install method; all for a discounted price of $125 per month.

IBE Resources

Now that you have the knowledge you need to excel in the industry, there’s still the fundamental problem of finding the right hair extensions. The market is saturated with fakes and inferior products. This is why Turley thought it wise to introduce a proprietary line of high quality extensions. $750 worth of extension starter kits, including its patented Kitsune hand-tied Hair are included in the program, and you can always visit the shop to give your clients the satisfaction they deserve.

The IBE certification program offers the best virtual learning experience with unbeatable interactivity and engagement. And because stylists have asked for more, Turley has introduced the Masters Continuing Education Program. This is for stylists who intend to reach the very heights and break every boundary in the industry.

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