From a Temp Receptionist to an Successful Studio Executive and Producer: The Inspiring Journey of Matthew Signer

Matthew Signer
Matthew Signer

Most people know Matthew Signer as the studio executive who worked on many hit films like Scream 4, 47 Meters Down, Paddington, and The Perfect Date. He is also the producer of some popular TV series like MTV’s Scream and Spy Kids: Mission Critical. But little do people know that Matt started his career as a temporary receptionist at Miramax Films.

Almost everyone involved in entertainment would say that they had to struggle on their way up. Matt’s journey is no different.  Rising from a receptionist to a senior production executive isn’t simple and takes many steps along the way.  But Matt loved films and wanted nothing more than to succeed.  He worked his way up, often logging long hours in the office and at home dedicated to his craft.

Making successful movies

Every year, hundreds of scriptwriters approach financiers hoping that they would agree to direct their movies. But only a handful succeed. That’s because of the expensive process of  making movies. Why would someone want to invest in your movie if he or she doesn’t see any chance of making a profit out of it? That’s where people like Matt come into play.

The role of a studio executive is to determine which projects get made and help oversee the process of the film from concept stage all the way through the release.  He has to predict which films and shows will be successful when they are just ideas or words written on paper.  This requires an eye for detail, a good understanding of what the audience wants, and an instinct to make the right decisions.

Matt’s first step into Hollywood

Matt now has more than seventeen years of experience in the film and television industry. He left his job as a temporary receptionist back in 2004 and became an assistant in the publicity department of MIramax Films.  Then he started working as an assistant to the top executive at Dimension Films.  After behind promoted to an executive, Matt rose up the ranks and became an Executive Vice President and the top executive at Dimension Films.

He then shepherded many films and television shows to the big and small screens including Scream 4, Spy Kids 4, Scary Movie 5, Paddington, 47 Meters Down and many more.

Matthew Signer has had a successful career as a film and television executive.  His consistency in producing big and small budget successful films and television shows makes him one of the best studio executives in the industry.

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