What to do with unwanted gift cards, with GiftCardsToNaira


Now there’s a way to get cold, hard cash in exchange for all those unwanted gift cards.

We all have them, stashed away at the back of the cupboard or fallen behind the fridge… the gift card. The one your granny sent you for new socks out of the worst place in town. The fashion faux pas store gift certificates that you would rather walk over hot coals than use.

Well, aren’t we in luck? We live in an age where we can trade in our old gift cards in exchange for real money through absolute online service. This miraculous accumulation of finances means that we can finally offload the horrible gift cards that bind us to certain disliked stores.

Best of all? When granny asks if we bought something nice for ourselves with the gift card she gave us, we could say “yes” without lying.

Who are GiftCardsToNaira?

This is a new idea for most of us, but GiftCardsToNaira is a firm that was set up in 2017 with the express intention of trading gift cards for cash. They do this with a mobile app.

Operating in Ghana and Nigeria but hoping to expand soon, this firm is well on track for corporate innovation success. They allow the consumer to sell off the gift certificates from stores they don’t like by offering them an offer. A user can accept the cash or keep the card; it’s just that simple.

Once you have accepted their offer and they issue you with a direct bank transfer for your troubles, they then take that gift card off your hands. They can sell it back to the store or trade it with other firms for a small profit. This allows them to make a little money for their trouble while everyone wins every step of the way through the process.

Why Sell a Gift Card?

Why wouldn’t you sell a gift card if you had the option? They are a lovely idea, but they restrict consumers from picking their goods from a store they may not even use. Those gift cards offer you $20 worth of goods for free, but those who don’t sell anything cheaper than $40.

There are all sorts of reasons to sell a gift card to the following user. If you do it through the internet, the chances are that you will need to take a significant loss. Why bother buying a gift certificate from someone when you could just use real cash, right?

However, when you have an online store such as GiftCardsToNaira on your side, you can make your cashback and get on with your life. Nobody wants to be restricted to a limited array of stores in which to spend their money, and nobody wants to take a loss while aiming to re-sell their gift cards.

The happy truth of the matter is that firms like GiftCardsToNaira fulfill a comfortable niche that benefits everyone that interacts with it… and that’s the kind of business venture we can all get behind.

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