The 5 Ways To Break Through A Rut & Achieve Success With James Neilson-Watt.



    The young health professional from New Zealand saw how other practice owners struggled to get the word out about their services and build successful practices and so developed an online program based on his own successful clinic grow strategies.


    With the advent of so many industries and fields across the world and the level of developments people have seen and experienced over the years, it won’t be wrong to say that industries are in safer hands. Apart from the constant adoption of newer technologies, major thanks must go to the many young entrepreneurs, who have challenged themselves and have left no stone unturned to create a prominent and necessary change in their respective industries. Taking the healthcare industry by storm is James Neilson-Watt, a goal-driven and passionate entrepreneur who has been able to excel both as a healthcare professional and as an entrepreneur.


    His careful understanding of the business world after failing earlier in his practice as a chiropractor helped him understand how practitioners only knew how to thrive on referrals and were unaware of how they could generate clients on autopilot without taking any help from the marketing gurus and agencies. He helped his practice thrive by attracting and converting high-quality new clients and by building his authority in the community by providing the solutions that his patients needed. Today, James Neilson-Watt is a proud father, investor, and entrepreneur and has been able to make a great change in the healthcare industry by empowering other health professionals and practice owners and helping them learn and master online marketing to grow their practices and generate new clients.


    He is a self-made entrepreneur who today wants to share the 5 ways to break through a rut and achieve success.


    • Choose learning and growth: James Neilson-Watt says that people who wish to achieve success on their terms must choose to learn and grow each day, and for that, they must create a winning environment. They also have to stay away from negativity and befriend other champions who empower them to be winners.
    • Believe in your potential: Some individuals act as a hindrance on their own path because they do not believe they can reach beyond a certain limit. James Neilson-Watt says that people need to be aware of their limitless potential and must have faith in themselves to achieve the success they want. In the case of healthcare professionals, he had noticed that they heavily depended on marketing agencies, underestimating their own truest potentials. That’s when he came up with “Healthcare Business Secrets” his podcast & book to show them what they could do.
    • Acknowledge others: It is essential for people to value and acknowledge others in their industries and all those that make a difference in their lives in one way or the other, says James Neilson-Watt. He adds that life starts to change exceptionally when people value the opinions and suggestions of others.
    • Have a strong self-belief and trust yourself: It is easy to lose hope when things don’t go as planned. Many healthcare professionals were clueless about generating more clients and growing their practices until they started trusting themselves and believing in their efforts to make all of this possible.
    • Push the envelope: James Neilson-Watt highlights that if he had given up early in his career and had not questioned the then norms of the industry, where practice owners did not know how to grow, he wouldn’t have been able to go beyond boundaries and decode the secrets to scaling healthcare businesses. Pushing the envelope, he developed Health Business Accelerator, his unique training program to help practice owners achieve long-term success, and developed his podcast Healthcare Business Secrets.


    He would like to be perceived as someone who modeled the best people on the planet and used everything he learned to develop a better way to get his healthcare message out and reach patients who needed his help the most.







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