Drewl foreign: Carying the Torch of Brooklyn Drill Rap

Drewl foreign
Drewl foreign

Music is always evolving and always has reflected changes happening in society. While classical music is testaments to the art and culture from that era, modern music is about personal freedom and telling the stories from perspective of common man. Hip hop is exception in this it was by started by artists who were unprivileged and were fighting discrimination their entire life. It is a movement and an effective way to express oneself and raise their voices against injustice. Since the 90s rap music has gone into lot of changes and drill music is the latest revolution in hip hop music. Over the past decade the movement has been led by prominent artists such as late Pop smoke, Lil durk, Headie one and Fivio foreign. Now there are many new emerging artists who will carry the torch forward and continue the movement in future. Drewl foreign is one of the fast emerging drill rapper who is about to take over entire hip hop industry. Already having official video releases at early phase of career Drew foreign is very well respected by Brooklyn Drill rap community and its fans. 

At only the age of 25 with “can do” attitude, many major records are now interested to work with Drewl foreign. For many rap fans Drewl Foreign is a symbol of hope to fight against system that is design to suppress talents. At early life Drewl had to go lot of hard stuffs but with hard work and dedication he overcame all those obstacles in life and got the success. He was heavily inspired from Meek mill, Lil durk and Fabulous and this is the reason why he was attracted toward rap music. Starting with just random music samples in childhood, now Drewl has released more than 12 singles which included great hits such as “211” and “Urus”. Over the past many years he has collaborated with major artists such as Fivio foreign, OMB Jaydee, TDF, Fabdon Porter B, Beno 8fs, and Nay the dancer Op. Drewl foreign specifically emphasize on having support and love from your friends and family as they will always stand by you, no matter what happens. He feels thankful to his brother Rah lito (@official_rahlito) and his team ForeverForeign Ent who helped him throughout his career and continue to support even today. To learn more and professional inquiries follow Drewl foreign on IG: @drewlforeign_. Or you can also contact him through his email – gpatterson495@gmail.com

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