Jeff Lerner Exposes the Biggest Flaws of the Current Education System around the World


    Traditional schools of thought have long convinced people that the only way to become successful is to go to a prestigious school, get a good education, land a good corporate job, and climb the ladder by any means possible. But people like Jeff Lerner believe that that is no longer the only way. Today, he’s out to prove that there are more ways to achieve more in life.

    Technology has forever transformed the way we view education. There has been an exponential rise of online education and services like YouTube and Google that now make information equally available to all who have access to the internet. These growing trends have now decentralized the success story, most especially among entrepreneurs. Aspiring business owners can now start a business from scratch with nothing more than a laptop, and Jeff Lerner shows people how.

    Jeff Lerner is an entrepreneur who has created a significant amount of success as an online entrepreneur. The founder of the well-celebrated company ENTRE Institute has helped over 100,000 students develop entrepreneurial skills and move from someone drowning in debt to the owner of an eight-figure company and member of the INC 5000 club. More importantly, Jeff is out to debunk the belief that the college-dependent cookie-cutter method to success is no longer the best option.

    With modern technology and education, anyone can become a successful entrepreneur,” shares Jeff. Moreover, the entrepreneurial coach and successful business maven believe that it’s now easier for anyone to pursue something they’re passionate about as a profitable profession. “In the world that we live in today, why wouldn’t one follow their passion?” adds Lerner. “Just remember always to stay dedicated, work hard, and strive for excellence.”

    The path to entrepreneurial success has been far from easy for Jeff. After pursuing a career as a Jazz pianist and living out the starving artist cliche, he decided to give entrepreneurship a shot. His first venture was a restaurant, which would leave him in worse climates and circumstances after failure after failure would only lead to the inevitable closure of his beloved venture and over $ 500,000 in accrued debt.

    But determined to give his path through entrepreneurship another shot, he started an online business, which would ultimately succeed. Within only eighteen months in that route, he would fully pay off his debt. Now armed with a story to tell and lessons to share with other expectant dreamers, he started ENTRE in 2018 to teach everything he had learned from his failures and successes. Over time, Jeff has done more than help people start businesses from scratch. He has, in effect, changed thousands upon thousands of lives through his programs.

    Now the high school dropout, who failed as a professional musician and a restauranteur but bounced back from the pits of business failure, is out to prove to millions of individuals that they can become successful no matter what educational background they come out of. Through ENTRE and many other efforts, such as his popular podcast and YouTube channel “Millionaire Secrets” and his upcoming book of the same title, Jeff hopes to continue his mission of creating an army of highly successful online business owners who will take the world by storm.

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