Reza Abbaszadeh, a Real Estate Tycoon, Who Made Millions of Dollars by Age 20 Shares the Best Business Advice He Ever Got


Before Reza Abbaszadeh built 4 businesses and a multi-million-dollar empire, he was deep in student debt.


Reza started from scratch to millions in just a couple of years. From selling clothes to car dealership and finally establishing his own companies known as Abbaszadeh Enterprises with more than 100 million dollars in assets under the management at the age 22.


In addition to his real estate empire, Reza Abbaszadeh has been investing in fashion and beauty industry in order to innovate a new way to combine this industry with tech, so he is creating an exclusive network service for beauty lovers and fashion enthusiastic.


According to Techtimes, his new innovation called BaxBeauty will be the pioneering fashion and beauty app in the history of tech which will be available by the end of summer.


So how Reza Abbaszadeh has become successful?


“If You Want To Become A Successful Person In Business You Should Create A Million Dollar Mindset, Codify Possible Routes to Create A Million, Understand The Million Dollar Math, Create Your Million Dollar Path And Finally Guarantee Your Millionaire Status.” the self-made millionaire said.


Here are 8 steps to financial freedom from Reza Abbaszadeh’s perspective:


  1. Make the Millionaire Decision
  2. Millionaire Math
  3. Millionaire Income Targets
  4. Identify Who Has Your Money
  5. Increase Income & Stay Broke
  6. Save to Invest Don’t Save to Save
  7. Create multiple Flows
  8. Repeat 1-7


To find out more, visit his website,

Instagram: @abbaszadehco

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