Elijah Westall: From Being a Former Celebrity Barber to Becoming an Ace Media and Marketing Entrepreneur

Eliha Westal

It is his grit, commitment and passion that have brought him at the forefront of the digital space today.

Isn’t it very amazing to know and learn about all those individuals, especially youngsters who believe in putting in their best, taking their dreams seriously and striving to turn them into a beautiful reality? The world is filled with people who dare to dream and only a few amongst them go ahead in creating a life they aim to achieve. The journey to success can be very challenging, but the ones who fight it, go ahead in achieving excellence. We came across one such highly passionate professional who has been doing exceedingly well as a barber entrepreneur and now has dived deep into the content creation and digital space; he is Elijah Westall. This young man is all of 22 years and has created his brand ‘Life Goes on’, which is all about social media and digital services aimed at making people, brands and businesses successful.

Getting into the barbering niche was something he did not think of earlier in his life, but the art in him and a creative mindset led him into the industry. Elijah Westall grew up just like any other young guy, who loved ditching classes and going to parties, but his life changed when he knew he needed more. That’s when art found him and he learned to cut hair from watching YouTube videos. Also, as a psychology student, Elijah Westall tried to use that knowledge of people to give them exceptional services, after becoming a well-known barber entrepreneur.

Looking at the constant boom in the online world, Elijah Westall decided to transform his life from being a celebrity barber entrepreneur to becoming a media and marketing entrepreneur with his content creation brand named Life Goes On. In the past, he has even done creative directing for sports programs, car motor shops, Blaze pizza, etc. Speaking about his future projects, Elijah Westall says, he is all geared to work on making commercials for VR video games and scripting social media video series.


To know more about him, follow him on Instagram @eliwestall or visit the website, https://www.lifegoeson.io/.

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