Meet Dr Ram Niranjan, The Brand Ambassador Of Leading Sports Nutrition Brand ‘My Protein’

Dr Ram Niranjan
Dr Ram Niranjan
Every person has a story to tell. Everyone around us has their own share of struggles, and they fight them to lead a better life. Dr Ram Niranjan is also one of those people who had a tough life. But nothing broke his spirits, and today, he’s working for the benefit of humanity. This month, the doctor was appointed as the brand ambassador of My Protein.
Sometimes, the food we eat doesn’t always help us provide all the nutrients, especially if you are an athlete. But My Protein ensures one gets all the required elements in the body to stay fit and healthy. It’s a leading sports nutrition brand that delivers a range of quality products, including protein powder, vitamins and minerals, high-protein foods, snack alternatives, and performance clothing.
My Protein is a top European brand since 2014 and has consumers from over 70 countries. With Dr Ram Niranjan being the brand ambassador of My Protein in India, it’s a great achievement for the brand and the doctor to spread the message of healthy life among people.
Talking about Dr Ram Niranjan’s life, he ventured professionally in Fitness and Nutrition in 2014. He has been a fighter twice as he had two major surgeries. The first surgery happened in 2018, and it was myxomatosis degeneration, a collagen disorder that affected his heart valve ( mitral valve). As a result, he developed a clot in the site of repair and nearly 14 TIA (transient ischemic attack ), commonly known as a mini-stroke and 3 major strokes. He eventually recovered and started training.
Dr Ram Niranjan’s second surgery was a planned one with his existing collagen disorder. However, his valve was coping up with the repair done in the first surgery. So he decided to replace the valve with a metal one. Now, he doesn’t have a tissue valve but a metal pipe that ticks on every beat instead of “Lub Dub”, which we are all used to.
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