Some of the essential functions of food that affects positively to our body

Some of the essential functions of food that affects positively to our body

Food is found to be an essential element for every species around the world. Animals, plants, and humans work on the food and for the food; without food, they can’t live. It is proved by the doctors that food should be eaten at the right time and a person should never skip any meal as his/her body will feel fatigued. Food is very important for running all the biological systems of our body as it provides energy and so many other nutrients to the cells in our body, and those cells then reach to all the biological systems, muscles, and bones of our body and make them work properly.

Besides this, food also increases our life span. This is possible as having food regularly will make our body work properly, and our body can be alive for more than 100 years. There are so many functions of having food, let’s get into deeper of them.

Providing energy

Food gives energy to our body that we all know. But, having less food will not do so. This is because we have to do lots of work and we need some energy to do that, without energy we are not able to do so. Food is that energy giver as it contains so many nutrients which are essential for our body. These nutrients are absorbed by the cells in our body, and then those cells will transfer the energy to various parts of our body. After that, we are able to do the physical as well as mental work.

It helps in building muscles and bones of our body

Talking about the muscles and bones, you will think about bodybuilders and other athletes. Those athletes and bodybuilders are only able to get fit because of having proper food in their diet. They eat a lot of healthy things, which affects their muscles and bones. Talking about normal people, the food we eat also affects our bones and muscles and grows them, but this process will not occur without food. It depends from person to person that how many muscles they want; for building more muscles and bones, they have to increase the intake of food in their body.

Regulatory function

Regulatory functions here mean the functions of our body that are very important for having a healthy lifestyle. These functions are so much important for our body. Regulatory functions include heartbeat, muscle contraction, clotting of blood, control of water balance, removal of waste products from the body, etc. Talking about these functions, you can see yourself that how these are important for our body, and without regulating these, we are not able to live properly.


Summing up all this, we can say that food has so many benefits, and it is also important for making our body’s functions work properly. Some of the food functions have been discussed above, which are Providing energy, Helps in building muscles and bones of our body, and Regulatory function. Everyone should consider these functions, and you should know the importance of having food in your life.

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