Liam James Collins Teaches Coaches to Build Confidence and Break Away from Limiting Beliefs

Liam James Collins
Liam James Collins Teaches Coaches to Build Confidence and Break Away from Limiting Beliefs

If you could change one aspect about yourself that would make you a better entrepreneur, what would it be? According to Liam James Collins, co-founder of The Coaching Masters, two essential factors can make you a better entrepreneur, make you happier, and increase your chances of success. Those factors are building confidence and escaping limiting beliefs. Liam James Collins uses his programs to teach entrepreneurs to build their confidence and become the best versions of themselves. He believes that developing these habits can make strong life coaches.

Confidence is developed

Liam believes that confidence is developed, not designated. What does he mean by this? “Most people think that there are ‘confident people’ in this world and ‘unconfident people.’ Almost everyone has been designated a certain amount of confidence, and you have to make do with what you’re given. This is not true. Confidence is not designated in rations. It’s built.”

So how does one build confidence?

You can build confidence by understanding both self-doubt and moments of self-confidence. Once an individual understands the things that make them confident, they can continuously repeat them. Liam encourages his audience to go through the 3-stages, which he calls the confidence triad. He asks them to describe what they see inside their minds, what they are saying to themselves inside their head and what their body is going through.

“By doing this, they will realize that confidence is not this mysterious thing that comes and goes. We can control it by controlling the confidence triad. When we feel confident, we have particular internal dialogues, internal images and body posture. All we need to do is follow the steps for the confidence triad, and we will feel the emotion whenever we want,” shared Liam.

Break Down Limiting Beliefs 

The second step that Liam teaches his students is to escape limiting beliefs. “To progress to a state of success, we must break down limiting beliefs. One significant thing to note here is that beliefs are very strongly held opinions. They are not fact. This is because they are not true for everyone, even though they may be true for us.”

According to Liam, we all have limiting beliefs; however, we can break them down and replace them with more empowering ones.

Liam helps people break their limiting beliefs and develop empowering beliefs via a 6-stage process: identifying the limiting beliefs, recognizing that it is just a belief, challenging your own belief, recognizing the damaging consequences, adopting a new belief, and finally putting this new belief into practice.

Liam identifies the stage of challenging the limiting belief as one of the most critical steps in the process. “Beliefs are only strong if they are built upon a foundation of truth, and we want to disturb and disrupt this foundation by casting doubt over the truth.” Once this is done, the individual can adopt a new belief and put it into practice no matter how difficult it may seem.

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