Trust Me Vodka Sends A Message In A Bottle

Trust Me Vodka
Trust Me Vodka

Mankind’s most impressive discoveries and innovations occur at the junction of seemingly disparate areas of human knowledge: biology and technology merge to produce the miracles of biotechnology, genetics and engineering have become inseparable, promising a brighter future for human bodies, and spirit. Examples abound, yet one alcohol producer has made a bold move to marry two surprisingly distant elements—spirits and art. Ernst Hemingway was famously quoted as saying “write drunk, edit sober.” Indeed, many famous writers imbibed finding inspiration for their writing art. Trust Me Vodka, the producer of one of America’s premium vodka brands, finds inspiration in and inspires its patrons with the art that’s displayed in and on every bottle.

Getting noticed in the crowded alcohol market is not an easy task and requires ingenuity, talent, a core idea capable of moving the product to consumers. Visual attraction helps, of course. The spirit of creativity displayed by Trust Me Vodka manifests in truly distinctive branding with a whole story to tell on every bottle. Banksy made a name for himself by putting his art on concrete walls, pavements, fences, and Trust Me Vodka uses their vodka bottles as a display for talented creators’ works of art.

Since 2017, 15 artists have had the opportunity to create the art seen on each Trust Me Vodka bottle. Trust Me is constantly scouting for up-and-coming artists all over the world. In 2017, their very first artist to commit his art to their bottles was Jeff Soto—a budding artist known for his variation of Pop Surrealism and street art. No empty Trust Me bottle will ever be recycled since they are also a genuine collectible item. Like postal stamps at the time of the stamp collector craze, each bottle is a limited series that stands a good chance of becoming a collectible item after each of their 20,000-bottle series is sold out. With art that varies from contemporary, modern, abstract, and more, the Trust Me bottega is made up of multitalented artists.

At a time of overall food and drink sensitivity, producers have to cater to different dietary preferences, with alcoholic beverages being no exception. Trust Me Vodka comes in two kinds of spirits— organic vodka distilled from wheat, and vodka for gluten-sensitive palate made from a unique sort of Idaho-grown potatoes. Both beverages have distinctive smoothness and crisp yet kick-free profile. In a bid to expand its range of premium beverages, Trust Me has recently launched a premier line of bottled cocktails that include the famed Bloody Mary and Sex on the Beach, exotic Kamikaze, and a Pear Cucumber mix, among others. Trust Me mixologists do wonders, as the name would suggest.

The message in a bottle that Trust Me is sending is that of an uncompromised commitment to excellence through rare creativity.  To learn more about Trust Me Vodka, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.



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