Alfredo Barulli Is Transforming the Face of the Digital Marketing Industry

Alfredo Barulli

Some people in life are behind a certain objective; while many others are striving to go beyond limits and build a career that as young entrepreneurs evokes their flexibility and resilience. Their dependence on advertising and consultancy firms has also grown in the field of digital media and marketing, where more and more businesses and brands are turning to the digital world to better meet their potential customers and expand their reach. This is when creative entrepreneurs such as Alfredo Barulli enter the picture, who seek to make their customers more successful through their out-of-the-box and inventive promotional campaigns and consultancy services with their astute business acumen and deep passion.

Born in Italy, Alfredo is the CEO of 10X Experts Agency and Experts In Local Marketing, two well known digital marketing agencies. His influential online posts has garnered him thousands of followers on Instagram, which continue to grow with each passing day. In addition to assisting high-ticket coaches, advisors and company owners, he uses his online marketing expertise to promote luxury hotels and resorts across the globe. By introducing the 10X Experts Agency TM, the 10X Experts help high-ticket online coaches and consultants avoid following leads and automatically fill their calendar only with high-paying customers. On the other hand, for local business owners or small scale companies.

Alfredo has travelled around the world to help luxury hotel and resort, luxury airlines, consultants and businessmen get customers through 10X Experts Agency and Local Marketing experts. He has become a popular influencer in the luxury hotel and resort industry since he shares his charming travel experience via his various social media platforms. “Every week I am in a different hotel or resort, enjoying the best of each tropical country I visit. I move to a different country every 6 months, according to hotel & resorts requests from that country. I move there so I can go to all the properties. At the same time my digital marketing agency runs almost on autopilot since I have a very reliable team for 10X Experts Agency and Local Marketing experts,” concludes Alfredo.

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