Starting The Trend To Remain Fit, Rubal Dhankar Is A Policeman And A Trainer Who Is A Social Media Sensation

Rubal Dhankar
Rubal Dhankar

A policeman, Rubal Dhankar is also a trainer who is known as a social media sensation. Launching the trend of staying fit and healthy, Rubal Dhankar has done it all while inspiring millions around the country.  Having gone through challenges like surgery too, he has stayed strong and never given up on his hobbies. Even after working round the clock as a policeman, he finds a good time to pursue his passion and believes that life is a roller coaster ride and is worth doing it all!  Running a YouTube page of his own, his fitness videos, and tutorials have motivated and inspired the youth to become healthier and happier. In the wake of social issues like obesity and widespread social media obsession, he is driving the youth of the country towards betterment and judicious use of social media. As he had to undergo surgery in the year 2009, he lost all motivation and dedication towards health. For some time, he was taken aback and thought of quitting everything. But, soon be gathered his wits and stood up to all challenges in his life.

He thought of doing something novel and so, he took part in a reality show that led him to popularity. As he went on in the show till the semi-finals, he was looked at as a strong contender who didn’t know to give up on his goals. After realizing that he could pursue beyond his current profession, he chalked down his plan and got started immediately. From then on, he has cherished his life and has always valued the opportunities that came his way. Becoming an active part of social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, he soon grew as a popular fitness trainer who led thousands of youngsters towards fitness and health. Gathering much love and support from all over the country, he encouraged himself to become better, bolder, and fitter.  As he says, fitness is all about making one’s body healthier and happier. As the contemporary scenario involves people eating junk food and fatty foods too, one should always stay focused on burning those extra calories and adopt a healthy lifestyle to benefit from in the long run. This way, health, and prosperity are going to befriend all!

Devoting his life to goals and commitments that are dear to him, Rubal Dhankar has always stood up to his beliefs and practices. Being a policeman, he is a patriot who remains loyal to his nation. Yet he feels that serving one’s nation does not make him/ her hesitant to give time to oneself and this is why he solely pursues his passion whenever he gets the time to do so. He is filled with the urge to do the best he can and make the most of his life. Lastly, he urges everyone to stay fit and fine and keep exercising regularly to put away any illnesses or health problems.

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