Ravi Patel, An Entrepreneur Who Left His Job & Made His Life Bigger & Better!

Ravi Patel

Ravi Patel, an entrepreneur from Gujarat is a ray of hope to those who want to leave their job and start something of their own. He is the founder of the company Sync Web Solution that is known for its excellent website/digital services.

Ravi belongs to a humble background but he had big dreams. During his college days back in 2012, as an engineering student he got introduced to the art of blogging. It was a big deal back then as it wasn’t that known or common. He was fascinated by how people can share their thoughts on anything on the blog.

Once his college got over, Ravi Patel worked with a big firm. However, he realised that 9-5 work life isn’t his thing. So he decided to quit his job and work on his dream – start a firm that helps bloggers grow. With Sync Web Solution, Ravi Patel has not only changed his life, but also of many bloggers and top brands.

Along with providing some excellent services to his clients, Ravi Patel has also formed a group where different bloggers from Gujarat can come together and interact. Called as Gujju Bloggers Meet, bloggers of all ages and genre come together and have a hearty discussion, help each other and share their views on anything and everything.

Ravi Patel says that he worked every day, very hard to be an entrepreneur. He says that there was failure, but nothing could stop him from doing his best because he was firm about his decision to start his own company. He says that every person who wishes to be an entrepreneur should remember that failure is the most important step while climbing the ladder of success.

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