Working Towards His Goals, Rajveer Mehta Has Gained Splendid Success At A Very Young Age!

Rajveer Mehta

A selfless individual who has always worked for the betterment of others, Rajveer Mehta is currently pursuing his education at the American School of Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was merely 13 years old when he first set his feet in the social welfare field in the year 2018 and joined hands with his friend Arav Hak and the Nargis Dutt Foundation and moved on to help numerous people with cancer treatment funds. In 2021, he and his friend, thought of providing cancer treatment kits to those diagnosed with the disease in the territory of Kashmir. A thoughtful boy who seeks different ways of helping others who are in dire need of his aid, Rajveer is known for his humility, honesty, and kindness. By perpetually working towards his goals of helping more and more needy people, Mehta has never taken a step back. Even when the world was hit by the arrival of an unexpected global pandemic, he and Arav decided to arrange food packets for those affected by the pandemic. Thus, even in times of uncertainty and anguish, he was willingly certain to help others and do his bit for society. A known individual in the realm of social welfare, Rajveer is currently doing rounds in the media considering his upcoming projects and innovative initiatives.


Currently working towards the creation of music rooms for youngsters, Rajveer aspires to help his fellow citizens to de-stress themselves by learning the basics of music and letting melody drain out the pressure. That said, he has been working on this objective for over months now and is precisely intended to the best he can. This is his next project in collaboration with several NGOs. Truly ecstatic about his success, he asserts that it gives him immense pleasure to celebrate festivals with needy people and make them smile even in times of despair. Moreover, his friends have also supported him in his path of life and are always eager to help him find ways. As a true citizen of the country, he feels that doing his bit is the least he can do. Rather he feels that at every step of life, one should look beyond their own problems and try to help others. To help others, one should be courageous enough to devote their time, energy, and enthusiasm to a cause. While Rajveer has already done so, he has splendid projects coming up in the future which are likely to take everyone by surprise and delight. What a world it would be if every youngster like him could take up the duty of making this world a better place! To sum up, Rajveer is an inspiration for his mates and friends. Being a teenager, he has used his resources well and wisely!

Connect with Rajveer on Instagram – @rajveerrmehta

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