Malay Thakur A Powerful Business Entrepreneur who is surpassing expectations

Malay Thakur A Powerful Business Entrepreneur who is surpassing expectations
Malay Thakur A Powerful Business Entrepreneur who is surpassing expectations

“Powerful people come from powerful places.”

Well, we do not know about its credibility a century ago but it is anything but true in the present-day world.

So, when you listen to the word “Family business” then what hits in your mind?

It ain’t a glamorous and exciting image, Is it?

Well, here we are to shatter all your assumptions because in this article we are covering a very interesting story of a young guy called “Malay Thakur”. He hails from Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

If you haven’t heard of that city then no issues, we have already clarified that the power he possesses is not because of his place of belonging.

When a young member of the family starts handling the family business then he inherits tonnes of expectations. He not only has the responsibility of growing the business but also to keep an eye on the family traditions. And they are of utmost importance in India, as you might already know.

Malay’s focus has been on the upliftment of his business in all the possible conditions.

But business is a field that doesn’t like to be static, if someone sticks to the older traditions by disregarding new innovations then there is a fair share of chance that it will get ruined up.

But not when you got the brains similar to that of “Malay”, he has quite easily surpassed the expectations that were laid upon him.

Malay himself keeps an eye on the team and focuses on the functioning of all the procedures and policies.

But was it an easy path? Certainly not.

With the enormous emergence of Gen Z and the business practices changing like never before, it is very important to have a hardworking and constantly learning team, who are ready for any sudden challenge.

Most people prefer to go online for any transaction of goods and services. Also in the post-pandemic world, customers tend to avoid roaming around.

Malay says and we quote

“Challanges are something that never leaves us alone, but that’s the reason which triggers us to move forward and be better.”

Unaffected by the problems and focus solely on the solution is what Malay does for his business.

It might sound very simple and even quite opposite to what the Instagram pages on motivation say but Malay himself is a perfect example for beginners in this field.

Malay is ready to dedicate all his time and efforts and by his attitude and God’s grace, he is quite good at it.

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