Whether aspiring to be a self-made chart-topping artist, social entrepreneur, or creative tastemaker, today’s independent generation is fuelled by the ability to inspire, build communities and tell the stories that have not yet been told.

In today’s “here today, gone tomorrow” era of instant fame and social celebrity, the most valuable asset any artist can possess is authenticity. And almost no artist takes that charge as seriously as Mumbai-based artist, Aditya Nair, also known as KAIDONTKRY. He was raised in Mumbai, India, and has always been interested in music since he was a child. Inspiration has always come easy to him and things or situations that other people might not pick up on will catch his attention. He finds inspiration in the situations around him. He has always been the person to do things he gravitated towards and nothing caught his attention more than music, which was one of the reasons why he pursued music as a career. In addition to his early interest in music, he has phenomenal writing abilities and a great tonal quality which allowed him to turn his passion into his career. He has finished his first album, ‘My Bad’, which is yet to be released. He picked up inspiration for this album from the 90s culture- the music, the anime, the cars, and everything around it.

The music industry can sometimes be really stressful when it comes to things like numbers and streams and when asked if the number game bothered him since his first-ever album is about to be released, he said, “My technique is to just not take anything personally. I don’t take anything to heart. If someone comes up to you and starts comparing, you just have to look forward and remember you’re in your own body and your own skin and not let these things get into your thoughts and manipulate you. You just have to realize what is in your own reality and what you can control.” He believes that the audience will recognize honest, raw music and that is what he intends to focus on. In addition to that, his mom, Priya Nair, has also been a huge support system that has allowed him to keep his vision and focus on his art instead of getting sucked into the rabbit hole of the number game. He believes that the most important thing is to trust yourself and your music instead of letting other people’s opinions affect what you do.

“In this business, it’s very important to believe in yourself. It’s easy to say, but it’s the most important thing to do if you’re in this business. People will not believe in you, but as long as you believe in yourself, you’ll be able to do anything. That has been my drive when times are tough- I always picture myself on those big stages, playing for those big crowds, and just believing in myself. Because there is only one person who needs to believe in you and that’s yourself. But I know that’s easy to say when you’re at the point of your career when you do believe in yourself and have friends and family that believe in you.”

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