At only 23 years old, Jay Jones has a variety of businesses and brands approaching him to handle their online marketing, find out why

Jay Jones

Having a strong social media presence has become a necessity for businesses and brands in the current scenario but it’s not easy to create your own space with so much competition. Cue in, Jay Jones, a social media marketing expert who has been making a name for himself across the UK and even on the global front as the go-to person for companies.

At only 23 years old, Jay has made a name for himself as the founder of one of the premier digital marketing agencies in the United Kingdom. His company ‘Instant Marketing’ handles social media for everything from small scale brands to multinational companies and it was founded in 2019.

When Jay was asked about why he started social media marketing he said that he noticed that a lot of companies were struggling with promotions even after paying handsomly for it with nothing to show for.

He continued saying that he knew that there was a niche in the market that he could focus on and started reaching out to businesses to help scale their brand and social media presence.

The young entrepreneur has worked with a variety of A list celebrities to promote brands and he also creates content that is in line with the current social trends across platforms.

Jay believes in providing customer satisfaction first and pays extra attention to building trusting relationships with all his clients. All of this combined has made him the first choice for many brands and he is just getting started.

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