Robert Tuzzo on his passion for helping Millennials succeed


Robert Tuzzo, is an extraordinary personality in the world of real estate and mortgage. He presently upholds the role of Vice President for the northeast division of Cross Country Mortgage, one of the largest privately-owned mortgage banks in the country. He is a man built out of pure dedication and for the last 20 years who has been consistently working for creating new possibilities for mankind in the field of mortgage and real estate. Robert, with another known coach Doug Vairo, co-founded the New York School of real estate ,an organization committed to procuring newbie and underserved real estate community with integrity and the best educational resources. Along with the aid of The New York School of real estate, he forged his way into the Triple Play, one of the largest real estate conventions in the country. In this convention, he has connected with the who’s who of real estate professionals

Robert Tuzzo is a fanatic of real estate, who holds the vision of making a difference in the real estate community But in the earlier years, he was heart-stricken by observing that newer people in the field of real estate were not being educated properly on how to do business in a proficient manner. Which in turn was making transactions harder and causing inefficiencies that would create a domino effect through several transactions. The frustration and loss of time & money ignited the spark of bringing an educational platform that educates and helps elevate real estate professionals to bring their careers to new heights. Today, the education, and training provided by the school are consistently consumed by more than 30,000 real estate professionals.

In the last few months of the pandemic Robert’s organization, The New York School of Real Estate has taken a lead to 150,000 students per year due to the advancement of digital media in the pandemic. Also, this firm is continuously procuring exceptional and expert techniques to excel in the field of real estate. Robert Tuzzo lately carved out an application out of his courses known as Digital Blueprint, which was ultimately created to provide a crystal clear, focused resource for the real estate professionals and aspirants to learn and get comfortable on social media and create a digital presence. His app is now deployed by thousands of people to not only help create a personalized brand, but also make the transition to this digital world which is now paramount to seeing continued success and staying relevant.

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