Is Datatrades signing the end of trading scams?

Is Datatrades signing the end of trading scams?

How many times have you invested in the financial markets following advice from people and ended up losing your money?

Trading is a dangerous game. People tend to invest without having a plan or follow the wrong person/people and therefore face considerable losses.

However, it’s possible to play it smart by taking advice or coaching from real experts, or even better, companies involving multiple confirmed traders, such as Datatrades.

We have personally taken the time to interview traders at Datatrades to understand how they got so much influence during the last months, and how they can be profitable in such volatile conditions. Here is the answer we got from Sjoerd, a trader at Datatrades:

‘Everyone wants to earn quickly from trading, which is not possible because there is no one unique key to respect to be profitable. [..] People come with a lot of hope, wanting to invest without even having a plan or invest in the wrong stocks without doing enough research about them, they also do not take market conditions into account neither do they respect their money management. [..] People are now aware of how the markets work and this awareness is the reason for our popularity. Scams are numerous but obvious today and people understand where they can find real knowledge, anyone promising crazy returns with ‘no risk’ is to avoid.[..] We share our own analyses, entry and  exit points, meaning when we place an order and when we close it, on top of various courses, If I had discovered Datatrades when I first started trading, I would have saved a lot of money and a lot of time for sure!’’

The rise of scams linked to trading has increased by 20% since 2016 because of the absence of effective regulations and real knowledge about the financial markets. Individuals have been taking advantage of the situation, promising others incredible returns.

But the truth is completely different, trading requires knowledge and discipline to survive in the domain and to be profitable.

People are now starting to understand this concept and instead of trading gurus promising a crazy daily return of 20%, companies such as Datatrades are earning influence every day.

These companies are providing their users with educational content and trade ideas, making it way easier for a beginner to start. The good thing about such companies is that they do not take advantage of people’s naivety. They are quite representative of the reality of the financial markets: They make sure their users are aware of the risks and even teach them how to control them. The main idea that we learned from these companies is that trading is not a new way to ‘get rich quickly’. The idea is to take the time to understand how and why things are impacting the financial markets in order to earn money in the long term.

A few years ago, the only affordable services for beginners when it came to trading were scams. The creation of such companies is a very positive point, scammers are now losing the monopoly and credible companies are taking over. Companies with a real will to teach people.


Feel free to visit their Instagram: @datatradesofficial or their website!

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