Your Guide To Understanding A Brick Ledge

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Construction is a complicated and an extensive process that requires a lot of dimensional and structural understanding. A crucial part of the construction process consists of understanding what are brick ledges and what do they do. The following is a guide for you to understand brick ledges:

What is a brick ledge?

A brick ledge is an important component in the construction process, and it is essentially a reinforced concrete bearing. It supports a very heavy weight of up to 100 kilograms per square meter, and supports finished materials such as bricks, stones and veneers. The finished material can be placed on the brick ledge either directly or on another element of foundation.

What does a brick ledge do?

A brick ledge and its placement’s main aim is to provide a place for moisture in the structural form to settle without affecting or damaging the wooden components in the building’s frame. In addition to the brick ledge, other materials and frames are also used to prevent moisture from seeping into the wooden frames and damaging them.

How is a brick ledge made?

A brick ledge is essentially made by digging a trench on the side of the building or the structure being constructed to which the brick ledge is to be attached. The structure is more than often either concrete or the foundation of the building. The trench that needs to be dug should be about six inches in depth and twelve inches in width. If the trench requires any levelling, it should be duly performed.

However, one can also add a brick ledge to a foundation that already exists. This can be don’t by placing a brick veneer whose weight can be supported by the existing foundation or by steel based angles that are anchored to the foundation’s walls for extra support.

That is to say, a brick ledge can be made with an existing structure or be constructed separately. If the latter is what you are pursuing and you are constructing a brick ledge separately, you need to make sure that you only use the best possible tools and materials for construction. You can use a mold to make your brick ledge – MSB Form temporary molds are the best possible ones to get the job done.

Benefits of using MSB Form molds to make a bridge ledge

There are a number of benefits associated with using an MSB Form mold. The first advantage is that a mold allows a neat and clean finish to the final product. The second advantage is that using an MSB Form allows reduced costs as compared to conventionally creating a brick ledge from scratch. Thirdly, MSB Form molds are adjustable according to the height you are looking to build your brick ledge for.

Not only does this simplify a major part of your construction process, it also makes things easier for you in the long run. If you are involved in construction in business terms, this way of creating a brick ledge proves to be very economical and effective in the long run.


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