Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Divyam Agarwal turns to be the Youngest Millionaire of India

Divyam Agarwal
Youngest Digital Entrepreneur Divyam Agarwal turns to be the Youngest Millionaire of India

Divyam Agarwal is one of those self made millionaires who takes great pride in the work that he does because he actually does a pretty polished job. A multi tasker to be exact, with a lot of skills that he has mastered over time. He is a content creator, digital marketer, YouTube marketer, and also a Social Media Marketer. Now, it might seem Like these jobs are inter related and connected with each other therefore they are quite easy to perform. This might not be the case because though all these tasks are interconnected, it requires a lot of concentration and specialisation in every particular field to perfect the work that he does. It can also be simply put down – Divyam Agarwal is the youngest millionaire in terms of Digital Marketing in India.

He is also the founder of SWAGGER DEEVS, one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies which has a lot to offer to its Clients. Not just basic solutions and consultancy, but specific care about their preference are taken. Divyam is from Barielly, Uttar Pradesh. With a marvelous track record in the market, he has gained a lot of experience while he continues to work, having worked along with more than 15k people in the past. This includes a certain number of individuals and 50+ multinational companies. All this might seem a little too much for just a 19 year old, but Divyam Agarwal is surely a bright exception. His turnover is just a month amounted to more than a million, which is obviously more than most estimates. How did that happen? Pure strategy and hardwork.

Agarwal tends to have a deep understanding about the digital world and market. While he has been working, he has come across a list of interesting and Influencing people whom he himself has helped to uplift their value. He plays a role in getting them verified on several social media platforms along with providing them a lot of Technical Support. Most people like social workers, singers, youtubers, politicians and also certain influencers have a lot of issues starting up online. Divyam Agarwal is the one who helps them out with the proper functioning of all these aspects present on the social media. He takes complete responsibility of the work so that his clients have absolutely nothing to worry about.

At the moment, he keeps busy because of his collaboration with some multinational companies and projects. Helping out companies to raise their brand value is certainly a time consuming yet rewarding job, Divyam completely understands this. He wished to reach out more people and make them aware so that they would someday make use of their full potential too. Need some help with your work? Contact Divyam Agarwal on Instagram-, or you can simply look him up on Google or LinkedIn, whichever you find convenient. Happy Digital Marketing!


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