Louis Cooke on How to Identify the Dropship Service that Suits you

Louis Cooke
Louis Cooke on How to Identify the Dropship Service that Suits you

If you’re limited in Capital and are looking to start an online retail venture, dropshipping is an excellent option. According to Louis Cooke, the most crucial thing to your business’s profitability is the products you choose to dropship. Therefore, you need to take enough time deciding on what products you want to dropship before you plan to do drop shipping online.

Having selected a product, identify a reliable supplier who can drop-ship the product to your consumer. There is no set formula to doing this, and the surest way to decide on one is through trial and error. Louis Cooke advises that you buy a sample product from the supplier and analyze its quality. If satisfied, examine whether the profit margins are also satisfactory for you to settle on that supplier.

Conversely, if you are dropshipping a vast number of products, it could be both tedious and time-consuming to test out a reliable supplier for each of the products, and this is where a drop-ship service comes in. A drop-ship service reduces your effort in identifying quality suppliers by validating the authenticity of the supplier. Dropship services ensure that you get quality products and that they are delivered on time. Some of the known drop-ship services are; SaleHoo, Doba, Dropship Access, and Worldwide brands.

Factors to consider before deciding on a suitable drop-ship option

  1. What products are you planning to dropship?
  2. How much money will you invest in the service?
  3. Can you try the service before subscribing?
  4. Are you planning to sell the products on eBay?

Most drop ships charge either an upfront one-off payment or a monthly fee to use their services.

Louis does a review of drop-ship services.

As far as drop-ship services are concerned, Louis advises that you base your decision on:

  • The availability of the product you want to dropship 
  • The suppliers you have access to


If you are new to dropshipping and want to test out the service first before subscribing, you may want to consider a drop-ship service like Doba. Doba offers a free 7- day trial period that gives you sufficient time to determine whether the service is suitable. 

Doba is also eBay certified. Therefore, you can dropship products available on eBay through Doba.


SaleHoo not only guarantees you a supplier but also ensures you a 60-day refund policy if you are not satisfied with their service. As a newbie, you have enough time to figure out whether this is a business model that works for you.

Worldwide brands

Louis recommends Worldwide brands as the most reliable drop shipping service for people with experience in dropshipping. They charge a one-of fee and are a lot cheaper than SaleHoo and Doba. The available suppliers are verified and meet the business-standard.

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