Caring for Each Other in a Pandemic, with Skinomatics

Caring for Each Other in a Pandemic, with Skinomatics

In these troubling times, beauty is more than skin deep.

One only must look at the world around them to have nightmares nowadays. People are dying by the thousands every day, in every country. Politicians are arguing over vaccines, debating the cost of living, and breaking their guidelines on social distancing and mask-wearing worldwide. 

Each one of us is having a hard time of it right now. We here at Skinomatics wanted to remind LA that self-care is essential. That taking care of one another is vital. That we cannot get through this alone. No man is an island… Particularly not now.

We may be responsible for creating body oil with nourishing ingredients to help pregnant women avoid stretch marks, but we know a terrifying time when we see one. With our desire to spread a little love at the heart of all we do, let us talk about taking care of one another. 

There are a Million Ways to Spread a Little Love Right Now

There are a million ways that we could be taking care of each other right now, and most of them do not even involve human contact. We put together a few ways you could help your fellow humans by getting involved in goodness… and we only mention Skinomatics once!

1 – Give a Gift

You are getting a gift for a loved one for no other reason than you felt like it is one of the best things you can do to perk up their spirits. Apply this to the general public, and you can see that anyone could be perked up with a little gift. Of course, don’t give the gift of exemplary skin care to just anyone, but you can get your neighbors a box of dollar store chocolates to leave on their doorstep. It will make them smile and give them the motivation to keep going.

On the other hand, if buying for mum, for a friend, the Skinomatics body oil is the ideal gift for a beloved sister or BFF. It is for a dear sister or BFF widely used by pregnant women to reduce the appearance of stretch marks around the tummy area. However, it can be used by anyone who wants scars to fade. Try it for yourself, and we almost guarantee you will wish your friends to try it, too.

2 – Pay it Forward

Try paying for the person behind you when you next get your coffee at the Drive-Thru; it will make you feel good all day long and encourage the person you bought coffee for to pay it forward to the next person. This one act of kindness could change a whole day for an entire town.

3 – Give Good Reviews

Go online and get reviewing in your free time. Every Google review pushes a business a little closer to the top of the rankings. If you can check the right things, you might even earn yourself some free gifts from the companies you love! Try it; you will soon see it puts right into the world.

Try Something Nice!

Try doing something nice today… It is one of the best possible ways to perk up your mental health. And do not forget to drop Skinomatics an Instagram follow. That could be a great starting point for a good deed you can do today.

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