Hidden Gem Of Atlanta Is Finally Out: New Breed Nye Is A Game Changer!

New breed Nye


Born and raised in Atlanta, New breed Nye is a talented rap artist who has been dubbed as the hidden gem of Atlanta. His music is creating waves among young rap fans and his unique style of rap is changing the music genre itself. New Breed Nye’s real name is Nyrryk Evans and he is originally from Macon, Georgia. It is because New Breed Nye that Atlanta is now ushering into its own Seattle style music scene. New breed Nye started his career as Yung Nye and without a godfather figure it was quite tough for him to find ways to produce music and sell it. He and his colleagues worked hard and Yung Nye was finally selling his music as early as his college fresher days.

New Breed Nye struggled a lot in his childhood days but his passion for rap music kept him going. The Yung Nye phase was very important as he was able to understand the in and out of the rap world and was now New Breed Nye for fans. His glory even reached to Hollywood as he was cast as actor for 2018 movie Uncle Drew which featured Kyrie Irving, Tiffany caddish and more. He had been an opening act for Lil Uzi Vert and the Migos and performed at many big musical concerts, basketball halftime and charity events. His new album “Love Me Before They All Do” was first ever sold out in the theatre of Atlanta. His brand “New Breed Nye Apparels” is hot among fans and you can buy merchandise and all fashion accessories there. New Breed Nye is literally all around the city on billboards, so if you are a hip hop fan, you must listen to New Breed Nye, as he is the next big thing!

You can check out more information about Nyrryk on Instagram: @newbreednye.

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