Entrepreneur Zhi Ko Shares the Secret of Being Able to Juggle Several Roles Successfully

Entrepreneur Zhi Ko Shares the Secret of Being Able to Juggle Several Roles Successfully

These days it’s easy to feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. You could grow your audience on social media, or start a new business, or learn how to make Facebook ads for one of your existing products, and the list goes is endless. Time is precious, and there are some amazing people out there who seem to have an unlimited supply of it. Zhi Ko is one of those individuals. He runs his empire and juggles various roles in his many fields.

Ko goes by the username NekozTek on popular social media sites where he is an influencer in the gaming sphere. He has a strong passion for gaming and loves sharing insights on new products and his favorite games on TikTok. He is the CEO of Noble 5, which makes computer mice and other supplies for gamers. His involvement in the gaming world doesn’t stop there; Ko is the Co-Owner of Radiance, an e-sports organization that works with different teams. Additionally, he is the Co-Founder of Coindust, which allows users to invest small amounts in cryptocurrency. “I don’t do anything halfway,” Ko says. “I’m passionate about gaming, and I don’t mind spending lots of time in that sphere. I want to make an impact on the subculture and really make a name for myself.” While juggling all of these different roles is challenging, Ko would never change his career trajectory. His secret to completing all of this work is simple. “When you’re passionate about something, it rarely feels like work. I had to find something that I cared about enough to captivate my interest long-term. All of my ventures feel that way, which allows me to make time for them.”

In addition to his work in the video game sphere, Ko has some experience working hard to achieve his goals. He played Division 1 tennis for the University of Miami and went pro a few years later. He has demonstrated his talents in over 30 countries. “It was this that built me up to succeed. I learned to try my hardest at a young age, and it’s served me well in my later life.”

Having more than one business is uniquely challenging. However, like Zhi Ko, if you find something that you love, you might be able to live your dream and tackle everything you’d like to do.

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