Zhi Ko: How This Man’s Passion for Video-Games Led to the Founding of NekozTek


We spent a lot more time at home in 2020. Scores of people found quarantine hobbies such as cooking, gardening, and gaming, as in video games, which saw a rise in popularity as they provided hours of entertainment. This was a welcome trend for serial entrepreneur Zhi Ko.


Though his degree from the University of Miami is in Civil Engineering, Zhi’s path led him to technology-based businesses. Thanks to the rise of TikTok, he started a very popular channel where he shared advice and tips pertaining to his passion: video games. As Zhi got older, he realized that gaming was an amazing networking opportunity.

No stranger to social media, Zhi has had a fitness-related Instagram account since 2012 and transitioned his interest in cryptocurrency trading to Twitter in 2017. Due to the accuracy of his technical financial charts, his online popularity increased yet again. When Zhi started his video game tutorials on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, things really took off.

Today, Zhi is the CEO and co-founder of NekozTek, Noble 5, and the co-owner of Radiance. Based on his video game tutorials, NekozTek offers gaming and technology news. Noble 5 is a high-end gaming peripheral company, and Radiance is an e-sports organization comprised of various gaming teams. Zhi runs brand management for this business, a natural fit for his impressive social media marketing skills. An overall goal that runs through all of these businesses is to grow the overall ecosystem of gaming.

Zhi understands the wants and needs of young gamers, especially competitive ones. He started Noble 5 to address a discrepancy among high-end computer peripherals. Acknowledging that only a handful of companies exist which deliver top-notch products to serious gamers, Zhi realized that in order to be competitive, they would need to offer products at a fair price. This is the total opposite of other brands that can charge upwards of $100 for a mouse simply because they know their target customer will purchase it.

With a desire to help, rather than hinder, those who want to become pro gamers, Noble 5 was founded to fill the wide gap in the marketplace. This is also where Zhi’s other business comes into play. Radiance Gaming is a full-service e-sports company that consists of several different teams. The teams compete at the highest levels in the industry and play some of the most popular titles on the market. Radiance strives to create a positive, enriching environment and even provides charitable services.

As he has built an impressive empire of his love for digital marketing and video games, Zhi attributes his success to a very simple concept: being honest and sincere. Instead of telling customers what they want to hear, Zhi has been honest about his brands as he realizes people know when a company is not being sincere. And this is especially true in the gaming community, which Zhi has dominated thanks to his customer-focused approach.

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