Sundus Rashid, the Young Writer Whose Work Has Found a Home in the Hearts of All

Kashmir Valley has throughout the years seen the rise of a young generation of poets who use their writings as an inventive articulation to capture the trying times tormented with extended issues and emotions.

Sundus Rashid, the Young Writer Whose Work Has Found a Home in the Hearts of All

Sundus Rashid from Baramulla, Kashmir is a grade eleven student from Presentation Convent, Srinagar who has penned her experiences and thoughts beautifully through her writings. Her poems have managed to encapsulate the magnificence of Kashmir, the regular day to day existence of the inhabitants and their battles. Each of her writings exhibit honesty with nostalgia and definitely leaves a lasting impression on its reader’s minds. Poems which talk about the land where she belongs – Kashmir, are certainly going to leave an impact on the ones who read it.

As long as Sundus remembers Kashmir has been facing a bottled life with its share of ups and downs since ages. Back in the year 2016 Sundus had the thought of writing poems and started to pen down her thoughts on paper. Her first poem titled ‘Kashmir in Crisis’ portrayed the situations and struggle of people living in her mother land. Soon she realized that writing was her inner calling and this is what she wanted to pursue. Sundus says she attributes her knowledge of writing to her alma mater St.Joseph’s from where she completed her schooling.

Sundus’s poems mostly express her thoughts on Kashmir’s current situation and struggle torn lives and how things are viewed from her perspective. Her stanzas reflect agony and desolations of living in a male centric world; they challenge the conviction framework and express anger towards the foundation and reflect the battle that goes on within in the midst of the valley’s conflict background. She has penned her real-life experiences in her forthcoming publishing titled ‘Behind her Smile’. She says most can relate to her book as it tells the story of the present Kashmir with all its honesty.

The reason for naming the book ‘Behind her Smile’ was that she feels a woman has the capabilities to camouflage a lot of pain and suffering behind her beautiful smile and this is what is depicted in the title of her new publication.

With the support of her family Sundus aspires to reach new heights with her writings and promises to engage readers with her publishing’s which draw interest on Kashmir.

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