Shlomo Zalman Bregman On How To Get Noticed on Social Media

Shlomo Zalman Bregman On How To Get Noticed on Social Media

Almost everyone is familiar with the experience of posting on social media and essentially hearing crickets in response.

We are left wondering: was something wrong with my post on Facebook or Instagram? Why didn’t we get more Likes, Comments, or other forms of engagement?

NetNewsLedger recently spoke with Sam (Shlomo Zalman) Bregman, who is the CEO of Alpha Tribe Media, a Fox News Commentator, a Crunchbase Top 1,000 Entrepreneur, as well as a rising star in the world of Digital Marketing, to shed some light and glean some actionable advice.

Bregman explains that “virtually everyone underestimates how many other people are online at a given moment, and how difficult it is to crack through the noise. If you think 100,000 people are online, add a few zeros to it.”

He also points out that while you think your competition may be other people in your industry, that’s the wrong answer. Every time you post online, you’re competing with “everything going on in the globe that can suck in someone’s attention. This includes elections, COVID, the noisy lawnmower outside, and your sales prospect’s text messages from their angry spouse.”

To really get noticed online, Bregman advises that you remain attuned to what he calls “everyone’s radio station – WIIFM.” This is an acronym that stands for What’s In It For Me.

He elaborates that nobody online really cares about you whatsoever, they care only about themselves. As they scroll through social media, their eyes are looking for content that is relevant to them. Do you have a solution to a problem they are experiencing? Are they seeking a smile or a laugh, and you can offer that at the right moment?

With this in mind, Bregman advises that everyone become “completely other-centered” when posting on social media for business purposes. Ask yourself what real, bona fide value you are offering your audience or followers. What benefit will they have out of the post?

Are you offering education, entertainment, or a mixture of both? If your business content is not of actual benefit to its recipients, it will be ignored or mocked and it has “essentially zero chance of getting online traction.”

Bregman also framed the above advice as follows, “Join the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind. Your social media content needs to make solutions and products that give people what they already want, and further takes them in the direction they already want to go.”

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