David Michigan: A Successful Entrepreneur and his Belief in Development and Positivity

David Michigan

It is widely accepted that thoughts create feelings and feelings create actions. You can’t possibly feel sadness unless your brain thinks a sad thought. Thoughts bring feelings into existence – and feelings determine how we go about our day and life in general. David Michigan is someone who is making people aware of the importance of right thinking and is expanding their consciousness by talking about ideas of overall health and wellness.

David Michigan is an accomplished entrepreneur and celebrity. He is also known internationally as a motivational speaker, model, social media influencer and fitness enthusiast. With over ten million followers across social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, David is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs and social media influencers making an impact.

David Michigan believes very strongly in the ideas of positivity, faith and self esteem. Through his Instagram profile and content, he makes it a point to share his perspective on such ideas. He advocates the need for emotional independence. He says that it isn’t healthy to be dependent on someone else for validation and happiness because that way, the control system gets shifted.

A positive outlook and response can only be cultivated when someone isn’t relying on some exterior source/person for validation.

In a recent interview, David talked about his viewpoint on positivity, faith and personal development. He said, “I’ve always maintained that personal development requires a lot of work and the call for it always comes from within. The reason that I’m really passionate about self respect, esteem and faith is because I have seen that these aspects of my personality helped me move forward even in seemingly difficult situations. I want my audience and my followers to understand and prioritize things like a positive mindset, right thinking, unwavering faith and inner happiness. I believe that I’m making adequate use of my resources to propagate these developmental ideas and qualities.”

One of the biggest achievements of David Michigan is the Michigan Academy. He is the founder of this web portal and course package which aims at providing content on the all round development of a person. With over 170,000 students from around the globe as its users, the Academy has become one of the most impactful and authentic learning platforms in the world.

David Michigan is one of the international thought leaders in the fields of personal and holistic development. By educating an increasing number of people about self improvement, David Michigan has set an example for other entrepreneurs and influencers around the world.

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