Denis Pakhaliuk on Why Brand Identity Matters In the Business World

Denis Pakhaliuk on Why Brand Identity Matters In the Business World

According to Denis Pakhaliuk, the CEO of Ramotion- a branding and product design agency in California, most entrepreneurs focus on brand marketing, neglecting the essential elements that make the brand recognizable in the first place. Ramotion creates brand designs that stand out. These designs remain visually consistent, which allows the target audience to recognize the company or organization whenever they see it. This begs the question; what is and what makes up a brand identity?

Brand identity is simply the visual expression of your brand. All the visible components related to a firm, company, organization, product, or service make up the brand identity. These components include, but are not limited to, the name, logo, tagline, tone, typeface, and color palette. Under Denis Pakhaliuk, Ramotion develops visual identities that propel the brand to the success it deserves. The brand identity is conveyed and reinforced to the customers over time through constant and consistent repetition of the components mentioned above.

Having understood what a brand identity is, Denis Pakhaliuk suggests that the next step is to know and understand the importance of brand identity in the business world.

Brand Uniqueness

Denis Pakhaliuk acknowledges that one of the main benefits of having a strong brand identity is that it helps to distinguish your brand from competitors. A real example is ‘Apple.’ Their devices and products can never be confused with other brands under the ‘bitten apple’ logo on their products.

A strong identity greatly influences the customers to trust the cause of the organization, product, or service. Let’s use ‘Nike’ as an example. The thick ‘tick’ logo on their sneakers’ side does not make them any more durable or comfortable than other sneakers’ brands. However, their logo (the ‘tick’) and slogan (Just Do It) denotes the essence of who they are and their values.

Denis Pakhaliuk asserts that his company can afford you a professional online image by regularly updating your social media account fully with complete and accurate information.

Brand Credibility

Once the target customers have established trust’, they are more likely to buy the company’s products and services. A deep sense of loyalty to the organization is, therefore, affirmed. A large percentage of the world population prefers to use Google services like Gmail and Google search over other search engines and email providers.

A strong brand identity affects the organization’s ability to recruit the right kind of employees. It communicates and conveys the organization’s working culture and why employees should pick them over their competitors. This contributes, primarily, to landing the employees with the best skills and top talent.

A company or organization with a strong brand identity serves as a positive example in society. For instance, if you ask a child raised by parents who work at Google where they want to work when they grow up, chances are they will say they want to work at Google. They may not know what the parents do at Google, but seeing the satisfaction they get from their job inspires them.

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