Taking Hollywood by Storm: An Interview with Fitness Influencer Hakar Mahmoud

Fitness Influencer Hakar Mahmoud

It’s not often that you walk down the red carpet of a film promotion not as an actor but as a fitness influencer. But that’s what sets Hakar Mahmoud apart from everyone. His dedication towards health and fitness and a knack for digital marketing helped him emerge as one of the most popular non-acting figures in Hollywood. We consider ourselves lucky to have him with us here today.

Q: Mr. Mahmoud, thank you so much for making time from your busy schedule for this interview. We would like to start by knowing about your journey in digital marketing.

A: Well, thank you for having me here. My digital marketing journey started when I was training to become a fitness instructor. I’ve always believed that every person should have two plans in life. If your first plan fails, you still have a second option to fall back on. I did the same thing. While my first love was fitness, I also had a backup plan ready with digital marketing. I was fascinated by how companies used unique promotional techniques on the internet. This made me curious about the process that goes on behind the scenes. And that’s when I started learning about digital marketing.

Q: At what moment did you think that you will make it to Hollywood?

A: Honestly, I never imagined having so many thousands of followers, let alone secure a place in Hollywood. My policy was to keep working hard so that I could become a successful fitness trainer. Fortunately, my clients were so happy with my fitness programs that they started sharing their reviews on their social media profiles.

As an ardent digital marketer, I realized that I could use this opportunity to meet more people and make them my new clients. And out of nowhere, Hollywood happened. I guess I was in the right place at the right time. But most importantly, my experience in the fitness industry worked wonders for me.

Q: How do you balance your job as a fitness influencer and digital marketer?

A: I love to work. That has been my motto from a very young age. You give me a set of responsibilities, and I will make sure I’ll share my 100% into it. This mindset gives me the zeal to balance my jobs efficiently. Sometimes I bring my digital marketing experience into my fitness aspect when I need to spread the word about my fitness programs to those who want to become fitter within a short time.

Q: What message do you have for aspiring fitness instructors?

A: The goal is to set small targets and keep ticking them off one by one. You shouldn’t think that I want to become a fitness instructor only for Hollywood actors. Setting small goals gives you the confidence to reach more challenging targets down the road. And as you keep working hard, you need to let people know about your experience in this field. The more you share your clients’ feedback, the more chances you create to acquire new clients. That should become the base to making it big in Hollywood.

Well, we can’t thank you enough, Mr. Mahmoud, for talking to us today. We hope that you continue helping your clients live healthier and more active lifestyles and that you have a flourishing career in this industry.

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