Revolutionizing Gift Card Exchanges: An Interview with the Founder of Cardtonic Trading App


We all have one relative or friend who prefers to give gift cards on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries. But the issue with gift cards is you need to register and create an account on a trading app to use them. Fortunately, you have Cardtonic, one of the most trusted apps for this purpose. It allows you to sell your gift cards at the best rates so that you can accumulate a significant amount of money in your online wallet. Today, we are thrilled to have the founder of the Cardtonic app with us.

Q: Sir, thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us today. We would like to start by asking about the process of selling gift cards in your app.

A: Well, thank you for calling me for this interview. To answer your question, we have a pretty straightforward process at Cardtonic. Once you finish the registration process, you can go to “Start a Trade,” which can be found on the home page. You can then select the category of the brand of card you want to sell. There is also a subcategory of the card that allows you to provide specific details about the menu. For example, if you’re going to redeem your Amazon gift card, you can specify whether it’s a cash receipt card or card with no receipt or not. You then enter the amount mentioned in the gift card, followed by attaching pictures and receipt of the gift card. Click on the trade button and let the app do the rest.

Q: What happens when your user completes a trade?

A: The app sends you an instant notification once you complete a trade. You can check the balance in your online wallet. It will reflect the amount you just transferred from your gift card. If you wish to withdraw the entire amount, you can put a transfer request. The app will transfer the funds to your bank immediately.

Q: What are some of the gift cards that work on Cardtonic, and how long does it take to sell a gift card?

A: Well, we accept tons of gift cards—Walmart, Google Store, Apple Store, Nordstorm, you name it. And gift card transactions hardly take a few minutes. We don’t like to keep our users waiting. You can expect to see an updated balance on your wallet within 5 minutes after completing the trade. We request our users to read the terms and conditions of different businesses before initiating one because other gift cards may take additional time to complete the full transaction process.

Q: What are some of the scenarios when the app rejects a trade?

A: Good question. We see many users trying to redeem a used gift card. Naturally, it won’t work. Similarly, if your gift card is not clear enough, submitting an open trade, uploading the wrong picture, entering the incorrect gift code, or uploading an unacceptable receipt can result in the rejection of your trade request.

Thank you so much for sharing these details about Cardtonic with us today. We hope that your app continues to grow and reach more users in the future.

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